Photos: Taylor Lautner grabs dinner out in Hollywood

Taylor Lautner and friend Sara Hicks grabbed dinner out in Hollywood on Sunday night. It’s always nice to see Taylor’s smiling face!

More photos here.

  • Sugarbooger2

    WHOOO!!!! He is SMEXY!!!! <3

  • http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3777383/allingoodfun K2☼__Ami♥BD2♀Csmpls♠

    'Bout time we get some T out and about! And looking good as always… <3

  • Emma_bob15

    he is sexy love his smile :)

  • Beth

    So good to see his beautiful smile.  He looks happy.

  • Narmin Quliyeva

    They both look so happy! And as you, i adore Taylor”s smile. He is so cute! 

  • http://twitter.com/Twilight2200 Zahra.DK

    My husband looks so adorable 

  • crystal deighton

    so good to see that gorgeous face!! he has such a great smile it makes u melt! loved him in twilight and loved Abduction!!! and cant wait to see him more movies!!! he is a great actor and hope to see more of that smile!! hope to see him in grown ups 2 as i have heard he will be in with adam sandler

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