Guri Weinberg Gives More Details on his ‘Twilight’ Experience

Guri recently took to his blog to answer three commonly asked questions. I particularly liked his answer about the Twilight fans!

What are the Twilight Fans like?

There are always stalkers, trouble-makers and those that want to claim a ‘friendship’ only so they can brag to friends. The fandom is too large for this NOT to be the case. And, for those fans wondering why they can’t have more access to Rob, Kristen and Taylor, you must understand that these ‘troublesome’ fans to tend to make actors suspicious and distant. I had one actor tell me about one fan that claimed an affair with said actor…disrupting this person’s relationship. Another had some rather disturbing gifts delivered to a hotel when we were working on BD 2 and even me, plain little ‘ole me, my performance not even out in theaters, has had a VERY scary experience with a fan that really enjoys cyberstalking. You must understand that these experiences will put any human being, celebrity or not, on edge.

But what I really want to talk about are the fans that make the Twilight experience one of community, love and sharing. I am not an easy guy to get to know, CERTAINLY. I have had my share of receiving death threats and obtaining restraining orders and horrible forced home moves due to my own history that is steeped in political divide. However, there are fans that have made me believe in the goodness of humanity and the incredible potential of the Twilight fandom. When I started fundraising for small, local, under served charities using the ridiculous, inane name ‘GFYS4Charity’, I was astonished by the amount of love, support and commitment TwiFans gave the effort. There are the special fans that promote the charity, buy from my little fundraising t-shirt stores and continuously feed me with new ideas for fundraising. These people have warmed my heart and given me hope.

Recently, I had three very special women step up and offer even more…not only are they creative and innovative with their input, dedication and tangible contributions but they are what I consider angels. They are pictured above – Bridgette, Melinda and Melissa. Their drive is enormous, their input invaluable and their contributions selfless. So, in June, these very special ladies will be taking over fundraising for GFYS4Charity.com. We have all collaborated on specially TwiFan designed, TwiStar autographed items for auction (forthcoming auction items w/signatures are a surprise but guaranteed to be items/signatures that TwiFans REALLY want…REALLY). We will unveil these items during May as well as special video chats with BD2 cast, starting with yours truly. I am so happy as I feel this collaboration between TwiFans and TwiStars is VERY special and unique – with the proceeds directed at small, local charities serving kids and animals. To get a sneak peek at the items to be autographed and auctioned (and to buy these designs for less, with no autographs, still supporting charity), as well as to get the general 411, please join GFYS4Charity.com (it’s free). We will be changing products, offerings, specials often and of course, we change the charity we fundraise for each quarter. Right now, we are concentrating on a charity close to my heart as a dog lover, Ring Dog Rescue.

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