The 5 Best ‘Twilight’ MTV Movie Awards moments

With the MTV movie awards coming up next month, the Examiner takes a look at their list of the top 5 Twilight MTV Movie awards moments so far.

  • Sneak Peeks

Since 2009′s show, each year’s MTV Movie Awards has included a footage debut from the coming installment. In ’09, the first trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon (which hadjust finished production by that point) dropped, and in 2010, with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s release date right around the corner, an extended sneak peek at the film was offered up. Last year, at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, the first trailerfor The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 was unveiled. There’s no way to know whether the tradition will continue this year with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, especially since a sneak peek scene clip and a teaser trailer have already been unveiled for the film, but time will tell . . .

  • Kristen Dropping Her Award

At the 2009 show, it was clear that Kristen Stewart‘s nerves were getting to her a bit. While accepting her golden popcorn trophy for “Best Female Performance” in Twilight, sheaccidentally dropped it on-stage. It was a hilarious and pretty unforgettable moment (video here).

  • F-Bombs

There are a couple of Twilight cast f-bombs to speak of when it comes to the Twilight cast’s history with the MTVMAs. The first one came in 2010, when Peter Facinelli took the stage to accept New Moon‘s win for “Best Movie” and decided to go full throttle with his swearing (video here). The censors might not have caught every f-bomb Facinelli delivered, but no one seemed to mind much. The next one came when Robert Pattinson was on-stage at last year’s show to deliver a special generation award to his Water For Elephants co-starReese Witherspoon. Pattinson used his stage time to not only drop an f-bomb but also to make a rather lewd joke (video here) the punchline for which was later enhanced by Witherspoon herself.

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Source : The Examiner

  • Wcsml5

    I remember when Kristen dropped her awarded! Oh my goodness, my hole face and even my ears cought fire with moredifide embaresment for her! Lol…

  • Tracy

    When Rob kissed Taylor—that was epic!!!  

  • Regina

    Thats what I was gonna say LOL Loved that.

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    I remember each and every one of these moments. Robert at the 2011 MMAs was such a card, lmao. I first watched the version where Robert's F-bomb wasn't censored.
    “I didn't cut you out… but I did fuck you!”
    Bravo, Robert.

  • ForeverTwilight26

    When Kristen dropped her award, it just shows you how much of a klutz she is. It is exactly like Bella when she slips on the ice in Twilight. It shows you how well Kristen fits Bella's character. 

  • Twilightfan

    Regina and Tracy are right, that kiss……. i cant say anything because I am still laughing in shock jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaj it was soooooooo funny!!!!!!

  • Kh_ahmed_k2010

    when any moment love

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