Kristen, Anna, Dakota among LOVEFiLM’s Top 20 Actresses Under 30

LOVEFiLM has released their 2012 list of the Top 20 Actresses Under 30, and three of our Twilight ladies make the cut! Check out the full list below!

1.      Jennifer Lawrence, 21 (2011 ranking 1) Static
2.      Anne Hathaway, 29 (2011 ranking 2) Static
3.      Carey Mulligan, 26 (2011 ranking 5) +2 places
4.      Keira Knightley, 27 (Re-entry)
5.      Scarlett Johansson, 27 (Re-entry)
6.      Emily Blunt, 29 (2011 ranking 6) Static
7.      Elizabeth Olsen, 23 (New entry)
8.      Emma Stone, 23 (2011 ranking 14) +6 places
9.      Kristen Stewart, 21 (2011 ranking 4) -5 places
10.     Freida Pinto, 27 (2011 ranking 8) -2 places
11.     Felicity Jones, 28 (New entry)
12.     Mia Wasikowska, 22 (2011 ranking 3) -9 places
13.     Anna Kendrick, 26 (Re-entry)
14.     Rooney Mara, 27 (2011 ranking 15) +1 places
15.     Abbie Cornish, 29 (Re-entry)
16.     Amanda Seyfried, 26 (Re-entry)
17.     Lily Collins, 23 (New entry)
18.     Dakota Fanning, 18 (Re-entry)
19.     Greta Gerwig, 28 (New entry)
20.     Emma Watson, 22 (2011 ranking 13) -7 places

  • Desireforever10


  • Team Edward

    Jennifer Lawrence is a very good actress that had more films released in 2011 than Kristen Stewart.  She was also nominated to an Academy Award in that same year.  This is usually what these types of polls base their ratings on and not popularity or fanbase.
    Please don't hate on Jennifer because of a disinterest in Hunger Games.  She has expressed admiration for Kristen repeatedly and vice versa.  I'm sure that next year after Kristen has released Snow White, On the Road and BDp2, she'll be on the top spots!!!

  • Merope

    why is Emma Watson number 20??!!!!! She should be number 1!!!!!!

  • JLawKStewfan

    I can't stress enough how right you are, Team Edward. When I first realized how much popularity Hunger Games was getting, I admit I was wary about Jennifer. But after seeing how great of an actress she truly is, I believe that she deserves that number one spot. She has a gift just like Kristen Stewart. She makes me feel whatever she wants the audience to feel without even trying it seems like. Kristen has those subtleties that amount to the big picture of how she wants us to feel. Jennifer deserves number one because she EARNED it. Kristen will hopefully move up next year because of her 3 movie releases. And if she doesn't, the fact that she is on that list is the only thing that matters. To whoever is hating on Jennifer, please open your eyes. I'm hoping that you're acting on jealousy instead of really feeling that she doesn't deserve that spot. Because she REALLY truly does.

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  • bhavna

    where is ashley greene?????

  • Shubhkaran476

    Why is Emma Watson at number 20 ? Where is Ashley Greene ? 

  • Zielyana

    i like dakota…she so beautiful..

  • ForeverTwilight26

    All three of them are very talented and they deserve to have made it onto the list. They are amazing in the Twilight films. 

  • Jbird23

    Frankly, the list is dubious at best and to be taken with a pinch of salt. No Saoirse Ronan (Oscar nom; Golden Globe nom; BAFTA nom; and winner of 3 IFTA's at the age of 17) in the top 20 says it all really – JOKE!

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