Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene & Dakota Fanning at 2012 Costume Institute Gala

Tonight is the Annual Costume Institute Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Three of our Twilight ladies are on hand to celebrate! Kristen Stewart is wearing Balenciaga. Ashley Greene is wearing Donna Karan. And Dakota Fanning has on Louis Vuitton.

Source: Celebrity-Gossip

  • YoMamma

    Is it me or does Dakota always dress like a princess, its okay to change it up some, but not to raunchy, as for Kristen, I love her hair… not to please with the dress…. ashley of course… always looks good!

  • YoMamma

    Is it me or does Dakota always dress like a princess, its okay to change it up some, but not to raunchy, as for Kristen, I love her hair… not to please with the dress…. ashley of course… always looks good!

  • Wcsml5

    Why is her mouth always open?

  • Brandi

    1. That is a horrible picture of Ashley lol.  And I wish we could get a full picture.  I want to see the whole dress.
    2.  I'm a little disappointed with Kristen altogether.  This is a formal event and she looks so sloppy (I'm not hating on her, I promise).  But The Met Gala is a very formal event and she just looks unkempt.
    3.  I wish Dakota would do SOMETHING with her hair.  Everything else is fine but she NEVER does ANYTHING to her hair.

  • Truebluesangel

    Who dresses her??!! they need to be fired- and for God's sake SOMEONE tell Kristen Stewart to hide those scrawney legs!!

  • Cheryl

    I don't know who dressed Kristen but they'd better be color blind and hopefully by now, fired!  The dress is hideous and those shoes look terrible with a dress that length. 

  • Amy

    ashley looks weird with long hair.

  • DJF


  • Isa Capurro

    que mejore su postura!!!

  • Fine_destiny1

    She doesn't really have a choice in what she wears!!! For Christ's Sake…why can't people stop being so judgmental of celebrities!!!

  • Thelastunicorn

    Ashley always looks great, in anything she wears!! Dakota's cute, sweet and dresses for her age. But really… Who dressed Kristen?? Oh my gosh, that dress is hideous!! (I'm not hating on her either, I love Kristen). And the shoes… :( Her hair is fine, the make up is fine and she's even almost smiling, but the dress!! Whoever told her it looked good should be fired!! Uugghhh!! :(

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NLPEL6XJNOZX4PAI7YWOYTGNWY Miya

    Gosh i fucking agree!! Give them a break. It is THERE life NOT yours ppl

  • connieaustin

    From the waist up is awesome…..come on dress the girl better!!!!

  • Picandsadysweetheart

    They both look great!!!!!!!!!! Stop judging!!!!!!!!

  • Elijah 1007

    ashley looks so thin and whats wrong with her eyes?,not so happy with kristen's attire either,..dakuta doesn't comb her hair?but nevertheless i love them all still..:)

  • Quankers

    *Their life* And yes I agree with you

  • Jessica

    Kristen is very fashion forward and by far unique with her style and she should be congratulated on that. She is ahead of her time.

  • KAT

    Wow super mega like! im impressed!

  • La Princess

    she looks gorgeous… people she is the one who has to like her fucking dress not everyone else. ok… and i bet u r wearing something worst than that,, ok.. so stop judging.. she can wear what ever she fucking wants..

  • Religion Hall

    ashley's eye…..nuff' said.

  • Bmgoyen

    I think people are jealous, so they have nothing better to do then bag out the rich and famous

  • Trish

    Please read all of the post, it tells you which designer clothes they are wearing…actors do it all the time!! I love Kristen but sometimes the designers do not take the body type into consideration when 'lending' her this dress!! Kristen keep up the good work, I have loved you and Robert BEFORE Twilight!!

  • Trish

     If all your comments are negative why comment?? Kristen has nice legs for her weight and size!! When you reach stardom please let the rest of us know so we can leave negative comments about your dress and legs…

  • Trish

     If people would stop and read the accompanying story BEFORE the pics they would have seen that Kristen is wearing a  Balenciaga. dress!! Actors are always getting clothes from designers…but they would rather criticize than READ!!! Get em Fine for post negativity BEFORE reading lol

  • Guest2012

    Uhhh, its the COSTUME Institute Gala they're not supposed to wear the usual gown, skirt, pants etc. Its called high fashion, Google it and stop hating. *rolls eyes*

  • Basil89018

    Her legs look great!  She is one hot lady no matter what she wears!   I LOVE her to death!  You go girl!

  • Emily

    …this dress is ugly. kristen stewart is fucking gorgeous. We all know that. It's not like she is going to see this, so stop pretending to be a good person and don't even bother to type anything if all your going to do is bash other peoples opinions. that dress is fucking discusting. we all know it.

  • jane

    Kristen looks cute, it is so her!!! She got so PRETTY!!!

  • Kayla

    I love love love Kristen's dress! It's completely different and unique. I'm not too fond of the shoes with it but I would totally wear that dress!! She looks great.

  • Basil89018

    Some of us do not have to pretend to be good people.  And if anyone is bashing someone else's opinion, it is YOU!  Why don't you learn some manners and go wash your mouth out with soap you little twit!

  • Glenn Smith55

    Don't like Kristens dress, but like it says …she didn't choose it, she's gorgeous and should wear something gorgeous…..

  • Glenn Smith55

    Don't be stupid her legs aren't scrawney !!!!!

  • M Ramaekers88

    Oh hod, get real. They pic out their gala outfits themselves…

  • Gmail

    thought the same about Ashley, she lost so much weight, looks like she stopped eating… what's with all these way too skinny women lately? is anorexia a new trend again? just look at Kell's girlfriend… 

  • Loryn Steffens

    I think both of thr dressed are beutful just like them

  • maddig

    she looks like a clown.  Not everything the designers put out there always looks good.  This just does not work.  Especially with the shoes. Unimpressed, and yes it's a negative comment.  oh well

  • Jessniss

    Ladies…be nice…everyone shoul be able to voice their opinions, isn't that why we post things? I know we all Love Twilight and everyone in it; but let's be objective and hear what our fellow Twilighters have to say. Balenciaga or not, it is not the most pleasing outit Kristen has worn, and they all have a say in what they wear, Ashley and Dakota look stuning, I think this is just ONE miss for K.

  • Joy Garutay

    i agree. for me, she's almost perfect in my eyes.

  • Viv

    Poor gurl. always looks so amazing but this dress with THOSE shoes..no … fire please!

  • Jo–Leisia

    kristen is great.. no matter wat… unique and i love her for that

  • Katie Roman80

    I think Kristen looks amazing.  The dress totally fits her personality! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UDIJPUCTSCMWCS5MEJVMPPGQ64 Janice

    I agree  like he style she is different and don't give a damn who like or don't like! You Go Girl!

  • Danielleleslie1

    she looks really pretty xx

  • ForeverTwilight26

    Kristen always looks amazing no matter what she is wearing. Sometimes the outfits she wears do not flatter her but she manages to always look gorgeous. I love her hair in this picture the most. She rocks it.

  • Gyleches

    What Dakota and Ashley are wearing is usually the style of the gala. Artsy long dresses etc. Too bad Kristen got stuck with this look.

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