Noel Fisher Talks ‘Twilight’ and ‘Hatfields & McCoys’

Best Movies Ever caught up with Noel and chatted with him about his new film Hatfields & McCoys and of course Twilight!

BEST MOVIES EVER: We all know that acting is very feast or famine. How have you been enjoying your rather long feast?

NOEL FISHER: It’s been a trip. I came to Los Angeles straight out of high school and went through some tough years when I first got here. I went back to Vancouver three times because I was flat broke and just couldn’t afford to stay. It’s an amazing transition to go through and I consider myself to be insanely lucky. At the same time I am forever grateful for the hard times. I think pending time in the trenches has some really valuable lessons: it forces you to focus on the things that are actually important and creates values that are really grounding when things start to go your way. Perspective is a beautiful thing.

BME: ‘The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2’ fanbase is quite a departure from your television and film roles. Do you think this will open the door for more roles in these types of films like ‘The Hunger Games’?

NF: I haven’t put much thought into what kinds of doors the Twilight franchise will open. I am definitely a person who enjoys movies like The Hunger Games (I read all the books about three years ago) so I would love to be part of another big franchise like that. I think these types of films can offer actors the chance to play some really cool characters and help create these amazingly immersive worlds. I mean I get to play a 3000 year old bad ass vampire in Breaking Dawn! That’s rad! It’s like playing pretend when you were a kid…but with a multi-million dollar budget.

BME: Do you get to fight Bella and Edward in one of those scenes that could rival her over the top bloodbath birth?

NF: Absolutely! They haven’t released this info yet but part two of Breaking Dawn is gonna be nothing but a blood bath. We thought we’d just break away from the book entirely with the last installment. The Romanians are introduced, we kill the entire Cullen family along with the wolf pack and then the credits roll…kidding.

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