Congratulations to Alex Meraz on the birth of his new baby boy

Congratulations to Alex Meraz and his wife Kim on the birth of their new baby boy Talus Alexander Meraz.

According to Life and Style :

Another Twilight baby has made his way into the world!
Alex Meraz and his wife, Kim, have welcomed their second son, Talus Alexander Meraz.
“He was born last week,” a source close to the couple tells Life & Style.
The pair already have one son, Somak. Alex and Kim got married in December 2007 in Santa Barbara, Calif., while Kim was pregnant with their first child.
“Alex is so happy as a father,” pal Iscah Trujillo, who photographed the couple during Kim’s first pregnancy, has said about the 27-year-old actor. “He loves it. And you can really see the love come through.”

Source : Life and Style via The Meraz Effect

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    Congratulations “Paul” haha I mean Mr. Merez…..=)

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