Noel Fisher’s Interview with Purple Revolver


Noel Fisher was interviewed by Purple Revolver about Twilight and Shameless.


Purple Revolver: How was it joining a group of actors who had worked on so many of the Twilight films already?

Noel Fisher: “It’s been a very welcoming expereince. There were so many people who were veterans of the series and who had already created a kind of family, but they were all very good at welcoming all the newbies.

“But the other good thing was that were so many new people joining the cast it was kind of like having a whole new family joining.”

PR: Did you feel any pressure taking on a role in a series that has been so hugely popular and scrutinized?

NF: “More than pressure there was a feeling of not quite believing that it had happened.”

PR: So are you ready for all the Twilight mania then?

NF: “I think so. There is a massive, dedicated fan base, but my experience of them so far has been very welcoming too and very supportive.


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Source:  Purple Revolver via NoelFisherFans

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