See the new poster and first trailer for Ashley Greene’s ‘The Apparition’

Ashley Greene stars in the horror film The Apparition, and you can check out the first trailer below. The film also stars Sebastian Stan and Tom Felton.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

  • Ginaa Moses

    holy sh*t

  • ME!

    Wow. That looks really good. 

  • Jvdasniper

    going 2 c it once it hits theaters

  • Kissme5111


  • WatchTheSunDie

    This looks really good. I just hope the movie lives up to the trailer, cause sometimes the trailer shows a movie that's not at all how the movie goes. : But its got a good cast, so the acting should be good….

  • http://twitter.com/Kate17822667 Kate

    Looks good

  • Ashe

    omg tom felton defiantly going to c it lol

  • Mamabev58

    Wow! This looks good! Wish I liked horror films.  I just hope it does great at the box office for Ashley and Tom.

  • Rebarocks96

    Should not watch this at night alone in my living room.

  • Vanoupouetpouet

    Oohhhwowowowowow !!!! It looks like very good !!!!

  • Irene

    Umm,,, No offence Ashley, but I don't think your cut out to be in a horror flick- i mean you did shot in Summers Blood! … No offence

  • Mamaike33

    Love it! my favorite kind of movie……=0)

  • I

    Looks like a good movie; its been a long time since Ive seen a good horror…yay…

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