Three new Breaking Dawn Part 2 character posters revealed! Edward, Bella & Jacob

The Breaking Dawn Coven Scavenger Hunt revealed three new character posters for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2!! Click to enlarge!

  • Mar

    Me encantan!!!! Jacob ♥

  • gimeshmm

    i love bella more than any thing in the world ..if u can plzzz help me..just 1 time i wannna see her face to face..plzz plzz i beg you, she is ma wOrlD

  • TSA

    I like Bella’s leather jacket, very “vampire” of her..

  • Regina


  • mich_martin

    I so cannot wait !

  • Poetry_honey

    these look awesome! 

  • trojandazzler04

    OMG!! HOTT!!

  • Autumn Verge


  • Rhea_asher01

    Bella looks pretty as vamp 
    Jacob looks HOT xx

  • nika

    love twilight :*

  • werewolf-lover <3

    I want the Jacob-poster!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Christine_fay_927

    all look good!! cant wait til.nov!!

  • Janice Cantrell

    Jacob looks very good!

  • Moronakathrynsherrymae

    can't wait for the movie they all look HOT look at bella HOTIEEEE 

  • Lindsaybulcourt

    de tres belles affiche bella et superbe edward toujour aussi beau jacob n'est pa le heros de mes filles mais il est mimi aussi 

  • Wellyton_pereira
  • TSA

    I like Bella's leather jacket, very “vampire” of her..

  • Kathethrinecarlson72

    very hott both jacob and edward

  • Z-iba1

    OMG Edward!!!!

  • Ana_moon

    nice posters and reneesme poster???

  • 20forever

    LOVE it. simple, clean, captivating. <3

  • Iluvrenesme

    Bella looks very pretty 

  • Kristy Rankin

    Wow! They look AMAZING!!! <3

  • Sonalisingh57_


  • elenouska

    gosh i love it! their look reminds me of the look they had in Twilight, specially edward :D can't wait for november!!!

  • Pinkyprms4

    oh i cant wait til november

  • UnalCullen

    I'm just going to throw this out there because somebody else brought it to my attention today. These bare a striking resemblance to the fan-made posters that I made! Haha.

  • http://twitter.com/brinha23 Débora Twilight


  • http://twitter.com/brinha23 Débora Twilight


  • http://twitter.com/brinha23 Débora Twilight

    Stephenie Meyer never ends with our dreams of his alert gaze on twilight make further

  • Lilsquirt11

    off the hook! jacob looks so cute:)

  • Jazy xoxo

    WOW!!!!!!!!! jacob and edward are so fit and bella looks really pretty!!!!!!!
    cannot wait for breaking dawn part 2 only 161 days left :D  

  • sinesipho_jones

    getting all 3 posters!! crazed out

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