1st photos of Jamie Campbell Bower with his TMI : City of Bones co-star Lily Collins

If you are a fan of the Mortal Instrument series, then you know that our very own Jamie Campbell Bower  will be playing the role of Jace, and Lily Collins will be Clary.  Here’s the first picture of the couple together at the 2012 Glamour Women of the Year Awards.

Source : TMI Source

  • Regina

    Thumbs down to  Him playing Jace. Should have been Alex Pettyfer. Jace is supposed to be gorgeous and He is not….Sorry….

  • Tracy

    I agree. Although makeup and movie angles can do a lot.  

  • Mary

    It's even worse than I imagined! He looks more like a girl than Lily does! Why is he so orange?! This is going to be awful.

  • Jace_Kim

    Alex pettyfer can't act 4 Sh** ! his a F*** prick ! …i'm sorry…. did i just say i think did XDD

  • Lisajanemacdonald

    Sorry, still can't see either of those two actors in the lead roles, no matter how much I try and imagine it!

  • ForeverTwilight26

    I can't handle  Lily Collins eyebrows. They are way too bushy. I can't watch anything she is in because they distract me. She needs to wax them or something.

  • Beth

    I am distracted by her eyebrows as well.  

  • Gyleches

    Agree, what a joke.

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