Producer Wyck Godfrey Talks About Taylor’s Film ‘Tracers’ !

Producer Wyck Godfrey recently spoke with MTV about the new film Tracers and what we can expect as far as action! I can’t wait for this film!!

“We’ve got a great young Spanish director, Daniel Benmayor … and it’s really tackling the subculture of parkour,” Godfrey said. “I think we all have seen parkour as action sequences in movies, but we haven’t delved into the denizens of that world and what that’s about. I kind of think of it as an action-heavy Gus Van Sant movie, because you really dig into this society.”

When the film was announced, Lautner’s character was employed as a bike messenger, but Godfrey revealed that detail will likely change.

“There’s a movie coming out that Joe Gordon-Levitt’s doing ['Premium Rush'], and I saw a trailer and thought, ‘We should change our guy’s job because [Gordon-Levitt] did it so well,’ ” Godfrey explained. “That’s really just a jumping off point in the movie, so it’s easy to change.”

We then asked whether, before landing the role, Lautner demonstrated proof of his parkour moves — the art of which involves moving quickly through any environment via jumping, rolling and running.

“Honestly, one of the reasons we went to him is that in ‘New Moon,’ he does that thing where he goes up the tree, and that was something that I was there watching him train every day and realized how extraordinary he was athletically,” Godfrey recalled. “He almost doesn’t need the wires.”

Source via Team Taylor Lautner

  • Tracy

    Should be a fun film for Taylor to film.  

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