Adorable backstage photos of Kristen & Taylor backstage at the MTV Movie Awards

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were photographed backstage at the MTV Movie Awards last night, along with  Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks, and Jodie Foster!

  • Guest

    Josh Hutchersom looks like Nathan Lane's son!!  

  • bri

    kristen is so beautiful

  • Legitx7

    Love the pic of Kristen and Taylor!! But where is Robert??

  • Narmin Quliyeva

    OMG! They are sooooooooo LOVELY!!! I adore them!

  • jrt

    Robert had to be in Canada to promote Cosmopolis so he couldn't be at the show.

  • NaomiRz19

    Krisen is very beautiful! I also like Taylor, Chris Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson! But I still wish Robert was there!!

  • Praal rath

    awsm pic

  • Sofia_eyesonfire

    Robert is Kristen's half. I can see that at the Awards night. Somehow kristen looks sad. Ad so are rob's photos when he's at the photocall for cosmopolis in canada. Dang! Wish he was there. 

  • guest

    Kristen's left alular digit is black ring or something suchlike

  • Lucy

    They are lovely this pictures, amazing!!!

  • Tiffaney25

    i know bella pick'ed edward and there great togther but i still think she's better with jacob he's so warm like coffie hot as a camp fier fine like justin bieber i got  black fever. 

  • Mia xo

    These are adorable pics! To me, the chemistry/relationship between KristenxTaylor is like big sister/little brother and the chemistry between KristenxChris is like little sister/big brother lol lol

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