Get Your First Look at Edward, Bella, and Renesmee in Breaking Dawn Part Two!

How awesome is this? I love Bella’s outfit! Is it November yet? Huge shout out to Entertainment Weekly!


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  • courtney hopkins

    i soooo cant wait to see it its will be gr8 xxxx

  • X-amy_louise_palmer-x

    lol translation above :') 

  • X-amy_louise_palmer-x

    what r u even talking about ?

  • Mush75

    I live in england and am in the middle of reading breaking dawn AGAIN because can't wait for the film I wish it would hurry I love the film and books but would be really gutted if they have changed the story loads in the film the book is brilliant I love reading them over and over. Team Edawrd he is sooo sexy xx

  • Sinha Swati537

    nesse was supposed to be a toddler in bella's arms. this is disappointing seriously

  • Anonymsk

    I think the picture is wonderful, and i think the movie will be just as good even though she is 10 or 11 or waht not.

  • Anonymsk

    And that picture tells the whole story and the feelings that both bella an edward has for each other and their doughter.

  • Melissa Reed

    Ok first I just want to say that I am a true fan, I can't tell you how many times I've read the books, watched the movies and I have a ton of Twilight stuff. That being said, I do still realize that it is fiction. So, they're not going to find the intelligent infant or toddler that is described in Breaking Dawn, to be honest it would be creepy. Anyway, I think in order to find a child that could project the emotions needed by the film and learn her lines they would naturally have to use an older child. If you all will remember there were a lot of people upset about Robert Pattinson playing Edward, because he didn't look like the Edward we had all dreamed up. 

  • Katiemt80

    Can't wait. Am soooo excited. XxX

  • Charley Longhorne

    OMG,I love this picture so much! Bells looks so much older and Edward “mmm” the way Bella and Edward are holding renesmee back is adorable and there all holding hands!!!!!!
    Love twilight xx

  • Ana_moon

    very nice picture! congratulations!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4D4I2NFKCPJFKM36W6QTMJYN3Y Sarah

    omg i love this cann't wait for november , hurry up

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FX2T44RCYMCRNBH2PLP7ESR22E Jenn3276

    I just wonder how they are going to show Bella's gift. I bet it will look like a bubble around her since they have shown how Alice's and Edward's and Jasper's gifts work. I can't wait. 

  • Midget3883

    cant wait till november it can not come fast enough!!!!

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