Taylor Lautner in US Weekly’s ’100 Cutest Guys’

US Weekly has come out with a ’100 Cutest Guys’ issue. Taylor Lautner is included! Check out the cover below!

US Weekly is counting down the 100 cutest guys in their new special issue.

Some of the cuties include Josh Hutcherson, Avan Jogia, Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber, Kenton Duty, Max Schneider, Gregg Sulkin, Brandon Mychal Smith and many more.

In addition to details about what each guy likes in a girl, the magazine also features 8 posters and great pinups.

Make sure to pick up your copy!

Via: ClevverTV

  • Nellyc17

    Oh man i need this magazine !

  • Lanahorna

    men too

  • Keti101_99

    I need it too <3

  • sirine belieber

    oh my god this is amazing 

  • Rashminib

    justin bieber????? why??? O.o

  • Folakemidania

    The cutest guy on the cover is Avan Jogia

  • Xjolenedarian

    Justin bieber, taylor lautner, and drake. The only men who should actually BE in this magazine ..

  • Blackninja999

    why is justin bieber on guy's list?

  • Narmin Quliyeva

    Taylor Lautner is the BEST!

  • Ruth

    Cute is not the word I would describe Taylor with. The appropriate word is HOT. He doesn't look like a boy, he looks like a man.

  • Beth

     I agree.  Taylor has moved beyond cute and is one HOT man.

  • Bratz4shebeecat

    because hes hot and so is kenton duty, max scheider and tayor lautner <3

  • TaylorLautnersGirl

    Taylor Lautner is #1 cutest and hottest!!! jb is obvi ugliest!!!

  • TaylorLautnersGirl

    NOT jb!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Who's the blonde on the right?

  • teamT

    taylor is number 1 hes not cute hes fit FIT!!!!!!!!!!

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