MyAnna Buring: Her Twilight Saga role opened doors for her career

IdeasTap has a great new interview with MyAnna Buring, who plays Tanya in The Twilight Saga. She talks about how getting her role in the saga helped open new doors for her, career-wise!

How do you pick your projects?

First of all, I think it’s a real myth that actors have the ability to pick things. When someone says, “that was a bad choice,” I think, “It was £20,000! I needed the money! I didn’t have any other offers!” I’d rather be working on something that isn’t deemed creatively amazing, but learning, than not doing anything at all and waiting for the phone to ring.

Did you notice a change in the kind of parts you were being offered after Twilight?

Two things happened; I did Kill List, which was a micro-mini budget project, but it got a really great response in the UK. I then got Twilight, while I was doing Kill List. They came out within two months of each other, and the combination had a massive difference. Twilight meant I was attached to a big franchise, which opened doors, and Kill List was one of the first opportunities I had to really get my teeth into a rounded, three-dimensional part.

I get to audition for things that I wouldn’t have even got into the room for, three years ago.

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Photo source: EW

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