Lionsgate : No ‘Twilight’ re-make in the works

There’s been some buzz on the internet recently that Lionsgate was planning a remake of Twilight, however Deadline is reporting that Lionsgate has confirmed no plans to remake Twilight at this time.

According to Deadline :

Summit Entertainment just phoned me to publicly deny an Internet report that its parent company Lionsgate already is drawing up plans to remake the Twilight Saga by the 5th anniversary of the insanely successful movie and book series which began November 21, 2008. Summit Co-Chairman and now Lionsgate domestic movie czar Rob Friedman tells me: ”We are not remaking Twilight. We will happily support Stephanie Meyer if she decides to proceed in any way. But this will be the last one unless that should change.” What this statement means is simply that the studio will do whatever Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer wants. She has said in some interviews that she wouldn’t mind seeing a reboot — so an evantual remake isn’t out of the realm of possibility. But as of now none is on the drawing board. Summit has released four Twilight adaptations, with the fifth and final for now film Breaking Dawn Part 2 arriving in theaters on November 16th.

  • Sarah-Nicole

    THANK GOODNESS!! I love Twilight so much, but a remake is out of the question for me! What's with Hollywood and 10-or-5-years-later remakes (ex. Spider-Man)??!?? They can't touch Twilight, that would be dumb! Maybe in like 30 years, but even 30 years is too close to make a Twilight remake. After HP, it's the biggest phenomenon of our generation and doing a remake would just ruin everything. Literally everything! So thanks Summit/Lionsgate for not making a remake! And please, Stephenie Meyer, don't let them do that! Please! A sequel would be okay (even though it might suck because the actors wouldn't be the same), but NOT a remake!!

  • Sarah-Nicole

    Sorry for saying ''remake'' like a thousand times! XD

  • http://twitter.com/KatielynnDenise Caitlyn STEWART

    THX HEAVEN!!!!! i remake would suck cause it wouldnt have kristen rob or taylor!!! stephanie  plzzz dont do a remake!!! another book would be great but no remake!

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    So glad Lionsgate isn't being greedy whores. They have The Hunger Games – they should leave Twilight alone. Nobody would watch it if Robert, Kristen, and Taylor weren't in it, anyway….

  • bronnski

    I would never watch a remake.  You can not replace Rob, Kristen and Taylor it would be terrible.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    That would be crazy to remake Twilight, when the last film isn't even released yet. I for one would not watch a remake of Twilight. Its not just the story that made the movies so special, but also the actors. Especially Rob and Kristen, it would be very hard to duplicate what they have together. They bought Edward and Bella to life on screen.

  • http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3777383/allingoodfun K2☼ Ami♥BD2♀Csmo♠MB↕TRvr♣Maps

    I'll take more Twilight books, SM! But a movie would need it's original cast for ME, so these five are perfect…yet kids being born now might enjoy seeing a remake with their favorite hotties ;)

  • Nerdyscenegurl96

    If they rem-make it with the same actors, but a different director and actually have stuff from the book in the movie, I think it would be worth watching. I can't stand the first movie-Catherine Hardwicke did a terrible job directing, and half the good stuff in the book wasn't in the movie. And the acting wasn't the best either. It was a bit dramatic. I'm all for a remake with the same actors…as long as they fix it up…

  • Nelly_ione

    no remake it would not be the same…

  • Adriana

    OMG if they made a remake i would rage, they did that with Spider-man …. what is the point there were three awesome films that were to the comic then they made Spider-man be like some sort of dark film ” oh i spider-man it's such a curse ” Spider-man is happy! stop making remakes!!!!!

  • ann wilson

     i think that it should kee going i love all the twilight films i think that edward and bella is the best love them to bit,s

  • ann wilson

    no remake you could make a new twilight and keep the same people in it do not change them as it would never be the same if you,s did change them 

  • Earth_fairy01

    the actors did a terrible job in the first movie twilight in my opinion. It was like they didnt even know how to act, but as the movies kept coming out it got better. but the acting still isnt the greatest…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MTGPUK6EBL4QF5BCH5H6PKEDFU Kim

    I have to agree that C. Hardwicke's directing could have been much better (as could the screenplay). As for leaving stuff out of movie… if the movie industry would get over this notion that us viewers only have enough patience for a 2-hour movie, then maybe they wouldn't feel the need to screw up the story (case in point: Lord of The Rings trilogy).

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MTGPUK6EBL4QF5BCH5H6PKEDFU Kim

    I originally thought the acting in Twilight to be overly-theatrical and extremely emo; Robert Pattinson especially seemed to be very angry and bipolar.But RP and a few other had used copies of the Midnight Sun rough draft to help them understand their character's motivations. Once I actually read the MS rough draft, I understood both the book AND the movie so much better. 

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