Kristen Stewart tops Forbes ‘Highest-Paid Actresses’ list

Kristen tops Forbes ‘Highest Paid Actresses’ list. She certainly is a highly sought actress!

Kristen Stewart
$34.5 million
At the young age of 22 Stewart earned more than any other actress between May 2011 and May 2012. Most of that money came from Twilight where Stewart stars as Bella Swan. But she also earned big buck for starring in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Source Via: KSN

  • Tracy

    The reviews of her in SWATH were not good and her behavior in Cannes for OTR was atrocious.  Hope she can get herself together after the Twilight movies  or she will be doing movies that no one will be seeing.   I like Kristen and want her to do well.

  • Gyleches

    I agree about SWATH. I think they could have subsituted almost any young actress in the role and it wouldn't have made much difference.

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