The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 FULL teaser trailer is out now!

It’s time! Here is what we’ve all been waiting for! The new trailer! Please leave us your comments on it below!

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YouTube below:

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  • Ashanticarlton

    cant wait till is out buzzing! :)

  • Dulfen4safe

    i hope the movie plays out to be like the book it keeps u on ur set u dont know what to expect next especially with bellas powers , powers she didnt know she had in the first place have got 5 months left to see the final movie hope its as good as the rest one of twilight biggest fans

  • Stylistaevelyn


  • Kosmo_jaejoong

    why the werewolf smaller than before???

  • Lorraineshirl

    Omg i cant wait!! watching the trailer just makes you think its the last one :(

  • Zivepx10

    i love this :)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZTB5A74AOVSFPKXQ4XM6DDONMQ xXEternalSailorJupiterXx

    I'm guessing this'll be the cheesiest out of all of the 5 movies,  but I'm still gonna watch it anyway. I wouldn't give up an awesome oppurtunity like that just because of a small judgment I made 5 months earlier. And why are they fighting? They only discuss matters in the book, and all the people there are “witnesses” of her growth.

  • Dnarchick88


  • Sammipooh97

    I don't know what to say…..summit enterntainment has taken my breath away! They all look so amazing! Bella looks and acts like a completely new person. She is filled with confidence. As where the wedding she was more shy and felt so ordinary. This truly will be an amazing movie!

  • Yahumara21

    That was hott!! cannot stop watching it :)  November needs to hurry up. lol 

  • Heather

    I can not wait until I get to c the last part of the saga I am deffent fan I hope that it is as good as the rest. they may not be as good as the books but they are really close. GO Bella

  • guest

    I really hope they stay true to the book & I didn't see one clip of bella's father.  

  • Purdystorm

    Is it me or Renesme looks a little too big? I know she grows rapidly each day but she just seems too big to me. I'm really hoping that they did the last movie right and true to the book. Its so important to close the saga right!

  • Brit54

    i must say the firstv part of brweaking dawn was good but the second part buww mw away

  • lisa

    i cant wait to see the second one that comes out nov.16 2012 just like all the other ones thank you Stephanie



  • Bugsy156

    ok going to seem like a very long time till November but we can do it, now wouldn't it be awesome if they released one more trailer just before the release ohh wow well will just have to rewatch all of the others before the rekease date

  • Annajannine

    i sooo love twillight.. cant wait until nov.  . :) )))))))))))))))))))))

  • Constancedelve


  • Black_roses

    yes november needs to come way faster

  • GLades_goodGirl

    nice trailer…im gonna wait for it!;-)

  • Nikkiwilson2001

    so excited to see it

  • Trinityproehl

    cant wait im a big fan and she shouldent fight becuse she has a duagtter to protect

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