‘Twilight’ Saga Finale Already Breaks Records

Deadline is reporting that ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ is breaking records already! This isn’t surprising! Everyone is watching this teaser trailer!

Summit Entertainment’s 24-hour-old debut of the new teaser trailer for the last of the anticipated Twilight Saga films, Breaking Dawn Part 2 which releases November 16th, is already breaking records. It debuted exclusively on Yahoo and received 7 million views within the first day, the most ever for a trailer viewed on Yahoo. The previous record-holder on Yahoo was theTwilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part 1.

  • Rritari35

    I love this picture! Bella fits perfectly….I wish I could be one!!

  • Stylistaevelyn

    well DUH!!!! it is TWILIGHT we are talking about. lol they should know better.. WE are all TRUE TWILIGHT FANS!!!

  • Niamhharten

    omg love twlight best flims eveaa <3

  • Dana

    i love twilight but every one at school makes fun of me cuz i like twilight but i like edword

  • Guest


  • Hanhan

    Don't let them bother you! They have to respect it! Just ignore them! :D

    Well, who doesn't like Edward? He is one sexy vampire!

  • CherryyPiee

    Team Jacob !! I LOVE HIM

  • Norin

    Well, within the first day released of the trailer….i watched it 3x and still watching it now! :)

  • Guest

     That's not Bella its Jane…

  • http://twitter.com/Soshiloveable Denise

    why not make fun of them for liking the hunger games? XD

  • Zoie

    Just hurry up and bring it out November can not come quick enough Iove twilight I own all the books and DVDs can't wait for part 2 huge fan love them all great movie guys

  • Sdf

    Who Cares about the Twilight Sparkly Drama…Give me the “Underworld” Hot Vampire on Lycan Action anyday!!!

  • Beth

    Remember to vote for Breaking Dawn part 1 & the cast for Teen Choice Awards!!! You can vote everyday!

  • Michael Compton

    As a 29 year old male, I understand about getting teased about loving Twilight – but the fact is, you like what you like.  Don't let other people take away your enjoyment of something just because they can't understand it or agree with it.  You'll win far more friends and have the life you want to have by being who you are and living your life the way you want to than by conforming to the standards of other people.Hey, wasn't that a thematic element that ran through the last three books in the series?

  • Jennywhite16

    rofl you're funny xD

  • Cumminstina

    They should reward there fans and put the movie out early.

  • Annaparker10

    O M G. Can not wait for twilight part 2 can't stop watching the trailer

  • Lisa

    I can't wait unlit twilight sage broking dawn part 2

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