Better quality and untagged versions of the new Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills

EW gave us these new images earlier this week, but now you can see them in better quality! Check them all out in detail below. Who can’t wait til November 16th????

  • ForeverAlone7

    The one with Jacob is just really cute! ^_^
    I can't wait to see it! <3

  • Smlh4greenday

    i love them renesmee is sooooo cute and adorible

  • Ammi-girl

    Renesmee should have more curls! I expected really beautiful ringlets :(

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UK65QG2OZMNCFRBKXEJVM6S5JY Ellenah Garcia

    IKR?????? It really dissaponted me. :(

  • ivan

    team jacob rules she kill bella and bella is a vampire

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UK65QG2OZMNCFRBKXEJVM6S5JY Ellenah Garcia

    These photos are brillant! But they have renesmee TOTALLY WRONG!!!! She is supposed to be smaller and they say she barely touches the ground because so many people carry her. but in all the stills she is almost as tall as Bella/ Edward and she doesnt have ringlet curls AND she is always on the floor!!!!!!!

  • Nykee

    I agree!!! And Bella too! like how she was on prom night in Twilght, now that was pretty!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Twilight2200 Mrs.Lautner

    i love the picture with Jacob and Renesmee

  • Hanhan

    Soo cute photo of Jacob and Nessie! Can't wait! :D

  • BayRules

    hahaha I wonder what Renesmee is gonna call Jacob!!  UNCLE JACOB perhaps. Cute!

  • sandra

    i agree renesmee is not like in the book she is bigger her

  • Ipsita ghosh

    Jacob looks fabulous here !!!!!! and renesmee is so cute !!!!!! nice pic !!!!!!! :)

  • Ammi-girl

    Yeah me too :( But worst of all, it really bothers me! I mean come on! On some of the pictures of her modeling, she has more curls than this… And this is a big movie. People have big expectations. The book describes her as small, pale (with rosy cheeks) and she has big, beautiful ringlets that goes past her waist… :( Mackenzie is beautiful, but I think the hair-and-make-up guys have made a mistake :/

  • Leeleelayhew

    idc how different she looks……i cant wait to see it. not everything can be just like the book says.

  • Sophiaguerrero844

    omg im so excited to see the new movie

  • Team Edward!

    Its so sad that Nessie is so big, I was expecting a baby, but it might have been expensive for production to have a real baby looking like a grown up, being intelligent and touching peoples faces, reading books, walking, and all that stuff the book says…. So I kind of understand that they have chosen a bigger girl for Nessie. You know its all stephanie´s fault, she's just a brilliant writer with a fantastic imagination! =) hihi

  • TeamKellmett

    Sweet Jesus, Emmett…

  • Hanna maj piccio

    i can't barely sleep because I'm so excited to twilight breaking dawn part 2

  • Yukicross813

    you have to remember that they may do special effects to make her look small.

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