First Look at Hallmark Breaking Dawn Ornament

Here are various pics of the Hallmark Breaking Dawn Ornament. It is of Edward and Bella on their wedding day!

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PDM2BVYGOMQEERSNKANFFUGA7M Christina

    Oh you can BELIEVE that I'll be getting this!  I'm going to do a SMALL twilight xmas tree in my room!

  • Claire Kubicki

    As much as i love Twilight these are just TAT sorry

  • magenta

    No I'm a die-hard Twi-hard fan and it looks nothing like them Definately won't be buying

  • Gwen Kirby

    Didn't realise Edward had a screw coming out of his head LOL. What a load of TAT

  • Lincale112

    absolute rubbish !!! cant they come up with something better then that

  • Babybec_2007

    i think its well nice and i want 1 were do u get then from. love it xx

  • Pretty Sabrina2010

    Im a serious twi-fan and you would think they could do better than this…Will not be getting one.. Make a better one…

  • Nhumphreys1


  • Ginabell694

    Its a lot better than the one they did for New Moon. This one looks awesome if you ask me.

  • Sandycat53

    do wish it wee better but have to get one anyway as such a fan and it will look good with my collection!

  • Sandycat53

    i wish it were better but as an avid fan i will get one to join my collection!

  • Abpurcell0355

    Maybe they'll look better in person….just sayin

  • blech

    ew why though

  • Twilighters Dream

    The ornament can be found at your local Hallmark store beginning on July 14th. :)

  • Twilighters Dream

    Thanks for sharing! The ornament will be available at Hallmark stores in the US beginning July 14th. It sells for $17.95. :) I have to say that the ornament looks great in person. It is A LOT better than last years ornament. They definitely did a better job this year. Also the ornament is not meant to look like Rob and Kristen. Check my blog for more details:  http://www.twilightersdream.co

  • Jessica

    awww i love it <3 the faces actually look like them, which mustve been hard to do on the tiny figures

  • Zof S.

    Yeah. But still, it's better than the Barbie dolls or the 3000$ pillow. Still, I ain't getting it…

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