Tracey Heggins (Senna) Talks ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′

Celebuzz recently had a chance to talk with Tracey Heggins about Breaking Dawn Part 2. Here is some of her interview.

Celebuzz: What was it like being cast in such a huge franchise like Twilight?
TH: It’s so funny, because I always say I’m just this little fish in this big, happy pond. Everyone from Rob, Kristen, to Stephenie Meyer– they were all so kind. As soon as Peter Facinelli walked on set, he welcomed us. It’s just been a blessing to be in fantasyland and to be an adult that can just play make-believe.

CB: Were you a fan of the books and the series before you got cast for the role?
TH: Yes, I was! I am such a science fiction, fantasy girl. I have a t-shirt called “Sci-Fi Fantasy Girl.” So just anything like vampires, werewolves or fairies, I love it! And then when you put vampires and werewolves together, I was so there.

CB: How was the audition process?
TH: There weren’t any black girls or Afro-Latina girls in the franchise, so my friends and I all were like, ‘We want this!’ I went out for it and then I had a second callback and hadn’t heard anything. It actually happened when I was visiting my grandparents out on the East Coast, and then I was in a mall screaming, and people were looking at me. So then I was humiliated, but in a good way.

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