Michael Welch Cast in New Film ‘Demented’

Michael has kept busy and today we learned of his upcoming role in the film Demented! Looks like it’s a horror film..Oh Michael WHEN will you do that romantic comedy for me? LOL Here is a pic from the filming!

Here is the description!

After a terrorist attack that infected everyone, the remaining survivors must fight to seek refuge while trying to cope with each other and the unknown of a new dawn.

IMDB for the film!

Official FB

  • Gyleches

    Poor Michael. Will he ever get a movie that people actually watch?

  • Danybrean

    So true, how can he be so underestimated as an actor. Anyone who has seen him goof around at after parties or fan events will tell you how entertaining he is and talented. The big chiefs in Hollywood should spend more time on talents like his and not the constipated no talent of people like Kristen Stewart and so on.

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