The Twilight cast out and about this week

The cast of Twilight had a busy week and you can check out various pics of them out and about this last week. Click the source links for additional photos!

On June 23rd, Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart attended the wedding of producer Kevin Turen. [RPLife]

Dakota Fanning was spotted shopping in Burbank on June 26th. [TVC]

Nikki Reed hit the gym in Ventura on June 23rd. [JustJared]

Robert Pattinson attended the after party for the premiere of Part of Me, the documentary about his friend Katy Perry on June 27th. [TVC]

Kellan Lutz and girlfriend Sharni Vinson arrived back into town and were spotted at LAX airport on June 26th. [KLO]

Dakota Fanning was spotted leaving the gym in Soho on June 28th. [TVC]

Taylor Lautner was spotted by fans attending his sister’s volleyball tournament in Phoenix on June 28th. [TTL]

Kellan Lutz was out doing some shopping in Santa Monica on June 28th. [KLO]

Nikki Reed and hubby Paul McDonald went for a run in Studio City on the 29th. [TTS]

Michael Sheen was spotted out for a stroll in Tribeca. [TVC]

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