A new still from Breaking Dawn Part 2 features several of our new vampires! It looks like they are bonding around the bonfire with the cullen family. Check it out below, thanks to this week’s Entertainment Weekly and TVC.

Starting with the brown haired guy in the front (facing away from us) and going around the circle clockwise, here’s who we are seeing:

Guri Weinberg as Stefan
Noel Fisher as Vladimir
Rami Malek as Benjamin
MyAnna Buring as Tanya
Lee Pace as Garrett
Casey LaBow as Kate
Mia Maestro as Carmen
Christian Camargo as Eleazer
Kellan Lutz as Emmett
Nikki Reed as Rosalie
Elizabeth Reaser as Esme
Judi Shekoni as Zafrina (in the back)
Patrick Brennan as Liam
Lisa Howard as Siobhan
Marlane Barnes as Maggie

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    Hell yeah!!

  • http://twitter.com/Twilight2200 Mrs.Lautner

    they are really bonding

  • Ellienunn

    why would they need to light a fire? they don't feel the cold lol

  • Florence Fitch

    I wish it would come out already 


    damn awesome!

  • Azriel Ea-one

    I Like You New Vamfires Family Edward

  • lizzyblack

    it's like you ask characters from scary movies why they don't  turn on the light when they're alone at home and go check some noise from the kitchen :)

  • Elixastar

    if you ask that question, you have to ask, why are they wearing winter coats? lol its all just to set the scene.

  • Sunnyrh89

    cause they like to watch it. durrrr

  • Ranaya Gilliam

    i kno right

  • Sinead

    Lol. But wearing winter clothing makes sense – to blend in better. A fire in the woods isn't to blend in. It's actually very dangerous considering they are very flammable creatures, lol

  • Hansen Jackie

    maggie is supposed to have curly red hair, Siobhan is supposed to have black,

  • Babybec_2007

    so they can see lol 

  • Bookwormgal

    Any one who loves camping could tell you lighting a fire brings people together. You get more than light and warmth from a camp fire. You get friendship, laughter, conversation, etc. the list goes on and on. 

  • Tentchic

    Renesme can feel the cold

  • Vineethvijayan

    no buddy ty nd smtng spcl 

  • Sacha

    having meeting in front of bonfire doesn't make sense for vampires.. with leather jackets on., ?whew!

  • http://twitter.com/Rose24240 marissa marcotte

    who plays bella and edwards daughter

  • Celest

    Why would they need to blend in better with clothes (coats) when they're all vampires?

  • Donna

    makenzie foy ( sorry if misspelled)

  • flamesforGod

    its for Jacob

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