Kellan Lutz Gets Up Close and Personal with a Gator for a Lacoste Photoshoot

Looks like a great shoot! Can’t wait to see more photos and outtakes!

via TTS

  • Inkdrchr

    I do like Lutz…problem is, that pose with the gator was already done by co-star Pattinson, for Vanity Fair mag.

    Lacoste needs a fresher-thinking marketing department. And to find a new twist on how to emphasize Lutz's virile physique. ;)

  • Tracy

    Agree…this is too much like Rob's for Vanity Fair.   At least they didn't put a straw hat on him like Rob.  They made Rob look like he was Amish. 

  • Gyleches

    Agreed, he looked foolish poor guy. I think both pics are dopey.

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