Video: Watch the full Breaking Dawn Part 2 Comic-Con Panel

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Source: EatEditEtc via TTS

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    Cute how they skipped right over the new footage.


  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I know what you mean and they skipped over the message from BC to the fans also. That was so nice of them too! :-( We get excluded just because we couldn't be there. I tried, but they were already sold out, way ahead of time.

  • http://team-twilight.com Lindsay

    They have never released the SDCC clips to the public (unless they were leaked). Unfortunately for the rest of us that aren’t there :(

  • Rubyheart24

     Those publicity fuckers took all the scenes that where shown at comicon!!! Not everyone has money to take the plane and just go there to see it. I just hope some twitt just filmed it badly and post it up on youtube until they get cought. Bizous from Montreal, the city not good enough for that kind of thing.

  • Pattinson4Ever

    Go to Perez hiltons website, NOW! He has the footage though it is slightly shorter than seven minutes

  • Nikita

    I just saw the clip at perez hilton, way cool. Kind of sad i couldn't see all the picture, but ok i got my fill

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