We’ve already posted a ton of interviews, including one round-up of videos, of the Twilight cast from Comic-Con this weekend. Make sure you don’t miss anything by clicking here and getting all the SDCC news! Now, we’ll get started on another round-up so you don’t miss anything!

MTV: Casey, Maggie, Mia (They spill the details on the group dance the cast did to prank director Bill Condon)

YouTube Preview Image

MTV: Rob (He talks about his Twilight journey)

HitFix – Rob (on being an onscreen daddy)

HitFix – Kristen (on why Bella is the best vampire)

PopSugar – Taylor
YouTube Preview Image

PopSugar – Peter
YouTube Preview Image

PopSugar – Mackenzie
YouTube Preview Image

PopSugar – Kristen, Rob, Taylor, Ashley, Kellan, Peter

Movies on Demand – Kellan, Ashley & Jackson
YouTube Preview Image

Movies on Demand – Peter, Elizabeth, Nikki
YouTube Preview Image

Fox5 San Diego – Kristen, Rob, Ashley, Taylor
YouTube Preview Image

Celebuzz – Jackson
YouTube Preview Image

THR: Jackson, Ashley, Kellan

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