Does Amadou Ly’s Henri get in a tussle with Edward in Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Amadou Ly talked with TooFab at Comic Con this weekend where he talked about being on set, being the new vamp in town, and hinted that he might throw around a certain bronze-haired handsome vampire!

“You walk on set and you don’t know what to expect,” Amadou Ly told us. “I was nervous but the cast and director, everyone welcomed me. It became fun and working on set was a great experience for me, it was lovely.”

Ly plays Henri, a member of the French coven who was not in the books — but he’s not worried about Twi-hards reacting negatively to his addition.

“I think the fans are really going to fall in love with him,” Ly said. “There’s a lovely scene with Michael Sheen that the fans are really going to love. There’s also a scene where you might see me throw your favorite vampire around.”

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