Chaske Spencer on the end of ‘Twilight’ and the future

Ology recently talked with one of my favorite wolf boys Chaske Spencer who talked a bit about the end of Twilight and his future plans .

OLOGY: What’s that like wrapping up? Have you seen the cast at all since you finished filming?

CHASKE SPENCER: [Laughs] Of course man, of course. I’ve seen Alex, Leah, and Gil a lot. I mean, we’ve been friends for years and I’ve known Gil for 10 years. He’s just one of my best friends and we talk all the time. Everyone is just so busy ever since we finished filming; I haven’t seen most of them in like a month and a half though! We finished filming in like March of last year, but time has flown by.

Oh, so you’ve put that chapter behind you a while ago!

Yeah, it’s like I’ve already closed that chapter for sure. And I forget that we’re done. And it hasn’t even come out yet! It kind of knocks me sideways a little bit when I get asked a Twilight question because I keep forgetting we still have the last movie coming out!


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