New Breaking Dawn part 2 character art features Edward, Bella, Jacob, the Cullens

See a bunch of the new vampires untagged as well at the source! Also, thanks Collider!

  • Jen

    Jacob you are still my favorite and I would have choosen you not Edward

  • Hollywoodgrl_92

    bella's eyes are supposed to be red because she's a new born….not honey colored

  • Anewbill

    Sorry to admit it, but the fact Kristen cheated on Rob has so broken my heart, the spell of Twilight has been broken for me. I will see part 2, but it won't be the same ….

  • edwardgirl0618

     it could be her contacts alice gave her in the book.

  • Kamieshep

    her eyes turned fast because she had more control

  • brittany<3

    her eyes turn honey color when she has been a new born for a while

  • Cindyhgo

    all of you look great and very sexy i can't wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vinney_10101

    Not when her dad comes and sees her.

  • Suzie1265

    Edward you r my favorite i cant wait to see u as a dad and god u looked good in breaking dawn part 1

  • Jesso_b

    they are red at first but honey colored by the end

  • Motheroftwo1981

    i agree on that, i had this thing about it being a romantic connection on screen because they were really romantically involved in real life, it made it so much better because of that.

  • http://twitter.com/xdelenalovex Sarah

    They're not red forever. They're only red for a short time, and they gradually change to gold the more she drinks animal blood.

  • Saravonne

    I think I'm with you on that note.  I still like the story and all, but I don't know if I can look at Kristen and Rob acting together in the same way that I used to watch the movies.

  • Candy72758

    I like them all. They did a great job with the books almost staying within the stroy line. So I say hank you all for a job well done.

  • http://twitter.com/xdelenalovex Sarah

    Just saying, but Edward and Bella are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from Robsten. And she didn't cheat, anyway. There's plenty of evidence.

  • http://twitter.com/xdelenalovex Sarah

    Words can't describe how excited I am for this movie!!! :D

  • Kejrussell2000

    Very true, stupid b***h i loved them together

  • Ashleybarbur1987

    Im hoping that bella and edward will work things out, it will be worth the chance twilight wont be the same….

  • Ragdollofsin1984

    Omg they are ACTORS ITS A MOVIE.

  • Dlopez22002

    I don't think Kristen cheated on Rob. If u see thepic's they supposedly have it doesn't even look like her.

  • Rosie

    Rob and Kristen you both need time and some space to figure out if the both of you can work it out and forgive. Please don't rush, it does take time, love and forgiveness. You both have been together for long time, and to throw it all away becuase of a mistake reguardless of the fact Kristen new better but take look at the guy who has a wife and 2 children. He knew Kristen was involved with Rob and still made move, even if it was just kissing. Rob just remember Kristen make the mistake, but she realized it. Please give it a chance, time, patience, but most of all forgiveness. I've been their and I'm still married for almost 26 years, because of time, space, love and forgiveness!!  

  • Mrsfab23

    so excited to see this movie.. i agree kristen and rob together made the romance part better bc they actually felt something for one another and now they're just back to acting. still so excited!! still love jacob:)

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I agree that Rob and Kristen are not Edward and Bella and that we shouldn't  let whats happening now with them, stop our love of Twilight. As for Kristen not cheating, I quess thats up to each persons intrepretation of what cheating is. But regardless, Kristen has issued
    the statement that she indeed had an indiscretion with her SWATH director and it was verified as authentic from her and as a result of those actions, Rob has been hurt. I wish none of this was true, but unfortunately it is. All we can do is pray for them.

  • Mrsfab23

    yes the vampires r sexy i always liked Alice they made her sexy<3

  • guest

    kristen did cheat on rob. she admitted to it, but people seriously need to get over it. People cheat all the time, just because they are celebrities doesnt mean that the world needs to keep talking about it

  • Mrsfab23

    all the vampires look hot!!

  • guest

    I don't get how anyone is saying she didn't cheat on him-she apologized for it publicly and he moved out.  Am I missing something??

  • GBFL

    I have always thought the 'romance' was to help promote The Twilight Saga. And yes enough money made to buy the house & everything else. Kristen just messed up sooner than she was suppose to.

  • Lbragrl_73


  • Lbragrl_73

     she admitted it

  • http://twitter.com/elcind Cynthia Dandridge

    Her career is done…he'll continue on without her…and she will regret this forever.  Great pics of everyone though!!!

  • X13999

    Gonna say a few things here. 1) Just because Kristen and Rob aren't together now, doesn't mean the movie won't be good. They were together when they were filming and it is now FINISHED. So for those who think the “chemistry” will be off, you're wrong. 2) Bella's eyes were honey colored by the end of the book. 3) Kristen cheated on Rob. Period end of story. She made a public statement apologizing to him for CHEATING on him. 4) As for the pictures, they look bad ass and I can't wait for the movie to come out. I still prefer the books but the movies are good too. Good job guys :)

  • Bb

    i know it is little things that they keep changing for the second part of the book. but it is starting to get to me. bella's eyes are suppose to be red through the whole book. and nessie is only suppose to be about 3 in the very last chapter of the book. and they got her at being 10, she is more than half way grown by then, in only a few months. i hope i don't find out anymore things have changed. 

  • bella

    i adore Rob, and still love Kristen and can't wait to see this movie! Edward and Bella forever <3

  • Kiyomi Kuro266

    Its A chick Flick nobody really cares, well get excited about the movie watch with so much energy… buy the movie watch it a few more time then let the motherf****r dust up!!!! #Live,Laugh,Love Dudes.

  • Yukicross813

    It is really no ones business what they do outside of the movie. YOu never know why someone cheats on another person not that I am saying it is ok because its not. no one has the right to judge her.

  • Gyleches

    Her eyes were not honey colored. They had mellowed to more like a maroon instead of bright red. I'm sorry to be rude but so many people on this site claim things that are in the book that just aren't in it. Please refresh your memory.

  • Gyleches

    People that make statements that everybody cheats makes me wonder what kind of people they are and who do they hang out with. No, not everyone cheats. I will make one comment in Kristen's defense; If you look at the pics of Rupert holding her from behind and the one where she smiling, she looks very uncomfortable. I read that he's been after her for quite a while and maybe he wore her down, who knows. But the girl just does not look right in those pics.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I believe in the book her eyes had turned to an amber color. But they start out red like the book.

  • Bom_bom73

    Good grief, people get cheated on or cheat all the time !!!, im not saying it's right but, why the big drama over this. She is human, we all make mistakes, to err is human to forgive is divine. I'm still going to enjoy the movie.

  • Jessicak697

    Huge fan.♥.but..just noticing they all have the same hair color. Makes Bella & Edward look like siblings. It's all wrong. Books say bronze for him, brown for her. Details like that should matter..yes?

  • Jill15k

    We have nothing to do with the private life of Robert and Kristen. You do not know what exactly happened! Let them live their own live :)

  • Lilbytch10

    I love this moves

  • Amelinematheo


  • Eilidhcaldwell2011

    Bella and Rosilei are so so pretty and rosilei has the same coloure of hais that i have.Bella is so pretty and her hair is so wave and has alot of volume.

  • Fab3_karen

    TeAm AliCe-n-JaSpEr…
    i love u guys…

  • Cicci97

    This seriously bothers me, everyone's going on about Kreisten cheating on Rob, but think of it this way: So Kristen and rob have a semi-serious relationship, sure it's great. But Kristen made a slight mistake that hurt Rob, they can probably fix it, and if they can't, so be it. 

    But Rupert Sanders it married with children if I've gotten it right. He cheated on his wife and possibly screwed up their marriage. Maybe they can fix it, but if they can't, they'll have to go through a divorce, their kids will have to live with divorced parents and the consequences of that. 

    So why are people going on about Kristen? What Rupert did is so much worse! Kristen is young, and she made a mistake, it happens, and we have no right to interfere with her personal life. I wish people could just drop it. 
    And then people saying that it changes how they feel about twilight, that's just absurd. The characters have nothing to do with who the actors sleep with! It's about the job they do as actors, so drop this fucking shit! It doesn't change anything.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HM3WZMEDG77DR5Y2RRVBMZJ57Y Janeyoko

    i really love both of you even though you encounter a problem i am still a fan of you….keep it up

  • shana01

    im so sad… i love them when they are together… how i wish the word “cheating” do not exist… lol

  • LLC/Twilight

    it publicity every major couple does it. there are gonna be more actors and actresses going to get married to one another then something will be made up. some times accusations are true. but not in Kristens case she never cheated on him. Its nothing to get worked up about. Edward and Bella are wonderful characters but Rob, and Kristen are real people. Real people can make mistakes.  

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