Tinsel Korey talks about recording her debut album

Congratulations to Tinsel Korey who’s first EP debuts on August 30th! Ology has a great new interview with Tinsel about her album, her inspiration, and a bit about singing on the set of the Twilight films.

OLOGY: New EP comes out at the end of August! When did you know you wanted to get serious about singing?

TINSEL KOREY: I’ve always been doing it side by side and a lot of people haven’t known. I’ve been performing for years now. It’s just that my acting career took off before my music career did and it was always kind of like a juggling act. So I’ve actually been writing songs for a very long time and then this year I was just like, I need to get it done because every year the fans are like, “When is the album coming?” And I’m always like next year next year and finally I was like you know what, I just need to do it this year. So I kind of just put my foot down and made it happen.

Did you need to take some time off from acting projects?

No, I didn’t step away from acting. I’m kind of waiting for the right project right now. So it was a matter of the project. I’m looking for comedy and action right now. So it just kind of just gave me a little bit of a break and I was still auditioning and doing that kind of stuff. But I just told my team I really need to focus on music unless something grand comes up. And so since the beginning of the year, the first four months—just really focusing and I did it at night. So I was able to take meetings and still do auditions and do all that. I just worked pretty much from 7 p.m. to two in the morning.

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Photo by: Russel Baer

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