Michael Welch has 2 New Projects!

Michael Welch has 2 new projects to be on the look out for. Check it out!

According to Michael’s official website :

Straight from twitter: I’m gonna start working on a film that I’m very excited about. It’s called Grace Unplugged with AJ Michalka @78violet and@kevinpollak :)

Here’s the story…
Grace is an 18-year-old singer/songwriter whose dad Johnny was on top of the Billboard charts – once. 20 years ago, he had one hit, then crash-landed, a one-hit wonder. Then Johnny found Jesus. Now he ministers as a music pastor at a local church and Grace, his gifted daughter, helps him out.
Until one day, without warning, Grace flies to Los Angeles to try her hand at a music career. Johnny’s former manager Bob Mossy discovers the beautiful, highly talented girl. With his help, she starts performing in local clubs and her fame starts rising. Is she prepared to walk away from her Christian faith to achieve her dream of Hollywood stardom? Will she reject her faith or rediscover it? We’ll post more soon!

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