EW : New photo of Bella and Renesmee from Breaking Dawn 2

EW’s fall movie preview is out on news stands on Friday 8/10/12, and they are kicking it off right with a brand new photo of Bella and Renesmee from Breaking Dawn 2.  Seriously, is it November yet?

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Image Credit : Andrew Cooper

  • Serenity

    So what are you doing on this site?? Duh!

  • Philion 99

    Twilight series are on the top of my list for all around great entertainment. Definitely the #1 series of movies this decade. Would love to see continuing series with Jacob & Renesmee, he deserves to be happy. Also, what Eros wants from the Cullen Clan. Breaking Dawn Part 2 should be very good, hopefully not the last. Each one definitely presented quite a challenge to the directors, my hat off to them.

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