EW : New photo of Bella and Renesmee from Breaking Dawn 2

EW’s fall movie preview is out on news stands on Friday 8/10/12, and they are kicking it off right with a brand new photo of Bella and Renesmee from Breaking Dawn 2.  Seriously, is it November yet?

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Image Credit : Andrew Cooper

  • Blacktigergirl

    aw so cute

  • Hopkins45601

    i cant wait to see it!!! this is a good pic

  • Morgangibson

    i love twilight

  • Arusinko457

    Can't wait!!!!!!!

  • Kingkups13

    M surely a great fan of team twilight… I cross my heart n hope to die…

  • Tanwen

    Well doesn't Bella look as vapid as always…

  • CullenLover626

    They are so cute together! :) McKenzie is perfect for the role of Nessie! :)

  • Mum31cb

    I so can't wait. Excited . X

  • Tawnyalorenz

    im going to enjoy watching this on a big screen

  • SweetnessSaid

    They Look Exactly A Like:::::: Disturbing !!!

  • Ktmtjj

    I wish they would make more movies continue on a little more . They are such a hit then write more to the movies . Make another spin off 

  • Crazy_nela_19

    It must be a lil uncomfortable filming with Her for Rob :/

  • Currency1

    Too cute….can't wait 2 see part 2…such a fan…;-)

  • Absolutnie2012

     They actually filmed it already with 1st part sooo… thank God they did :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/chinchilla1 Savannah Hughes

    well, actually since it's august & the movie is in november, they're finished filming by now & if the movie hasn't been completed yet, all that's left is post production stuff, but yeah i imagine that the press tours etc. will be awkward

  • Jade Dawson62


  • M.Bella

    I like the childs pic..i cant believe it she does kinda look like me and my real name is Bella.

  • Alexis Sobrevilla

    whew see u soon twilight

  • Cece_castillo94

    i cant wait i going to the milnight showing when it comes out


  • Fermania

    this pic is very sweet!=) I love this film!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ann

    What a beautiful little girl! Im so excited about this movie!

  • Seabisciut73

    I wish they would make more movies continue on a little more . They are such a hit then write more to the movies . Make another spin off

  • Presley Davis

     I can't wait to see breaking dawn the 2nd half of the full movie I think it's gonna be so awesome can't wait I wish it was November already.

  • Babybec_2007

    so excited 2 c the film but after i will never c a film with her init how could she cheat on rob xx

  • Jayrusi

    omg this is my eighth time reading the book and i remember that's the scene when bella tells nessie to not tell edward till she says 'run'! cant wait!!!!

  • oceane

    otherwise it comes out when?

  • Mzb_andang82

    can't wait to go back to Philippines and watch twilight breaking dawn part 2… Love to see it..it..

  • Razor200926

    Sooooo can't wait.for the movie to come out.

  • Emopookybear

    Can't wait to see what happens next.

  • Dansa1979

    don't think they will b in any more movies 2gether :( stupid, stupid lamb

  • Ammiswim

    Cute girl, but she doesn't look like a 5 year old… Why didn't they make ringlets or more curls?

  • Jessica

    omg i literally just screamed my mum told me to calm down lol
    sooo exited for the new fil im counting the days lol
    101 days

  • Teresa Carroll

    “More than my own life” :)

  • Charlotte_2011

    i think stephenie meyer should make a new book for messie and jacob growing up together 

  • Charlotte_2011

    nessie and jacob i ment 

  • cece

    I love the book so, I can't wait to watch it

  • Gyleches

    Still can't wrap my head around the fact that they made Renesmee so much older. She's supposed to look like a toddler for crying out loud. Ridiculous.

  • Estrelaluna Rooll

    Just 3 month and Breaking dawn 2 will be out. I'm so excited :)
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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AFM6ELKCWDN63DNF7KI7UICGM4 tracie

     She isn't a normal child! She is half vampire, hence the growth spurt.

  • Leigh90

    Thanks for explaining this, because as fans of the series, we haven't been paying attention while reading the books *shakes my head*
    Growing to the size of a toddler in less than a year IS a growth spurt. There's a big difference between looking like a 3 year-old and an 11 year-old.

  • Gyleches

    Thank you Leigh90.

  • Trinityproehl

    they look alike

  • Lolo1131385

    U guys take the words right outta my mouth…';) sweet!!!

  • Team Edward

    I love it so mutch<3<3<3<

  • V8merc

    Im so looking forward to this movie. Ooh cant wait

  • tearsofeterniti

    It comes out on my birthday :)

  • jackie

    i wat rob and kristen together again they belong to each other forever 

  • Rebecca

    Get a life Please

  • Rebecca

    I will be so glad when this twilight crap is over

  • Korngrown09

    Hurry up Nov I can't wait any longer

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