Renesmee character art released featuring Mackenzie Foy

The adorable Mackenzie Foy finally gets her individually character art poster as Renesmee Cullen and here it is, thanks to NessieMackenzie.

  • Twifan

    does anyone know why her eyes arent a vampirish color? is it because she is half human?

  • Sofia

    i think she is really cute, and agree with the ones who say that they did an awesome job with the casting… I was reading breaking dawn 2 years ago and i think that she's really close to the nessie i had in my mind. I'm really glad :)

  • boricuabarbie

    She is beautiful! I think she does look like a mixture of Edward & Bella. McKenzie you are beautiful & I can't wait to see you as Renesmee Cullen. Wish you the best as you continue on your acting caterer. To all my fellow Twilight Fans the count down continues til we finally see how they end our beloved series!

  • pazzy1978

    Wow Heartzi……..we all have the right to our own opinion, but your picking on a lil girl or you could have said it some other way.  Either way….if you don't like it…..there are other things you can be doing….hope your ass doesn't work at a suicide hotline…..

  • Plangstone

    This girl is beautiful and who ever says any diff has no idea!!!! The casting is bang on, Edward and bella in one, cant wait :-)

  • Kmae0816

    i cant believe how everyone is acting over a poster……

  • AMR

    :) ” She Is Adorable.” (:

  • justanthrpersn

    wow! she kinna gives me creeps……….totaly a human's child

  • http://twitter.com/lolayds21 LaVonyah

    people these always sayin someone ugly when your probaly ugly. Nope…………. You Are UGLY!

  • Tori feasel

    who ever thinks tht Bella's and Edward's baby girl is ugle then they r sooooo dumb! Their baby girl is sweet(like bella) and maybe she is tough like Edward.

  • AMR

    ^_^ ” I Like How her Parents Treat Her Like a Young Girl.” ^_^  :) ” She Is a Very Awsome Girl.” (: <3 <3

  • Kayecloete

    She absolutely gorgeous, as a young actress and just like I pictured the child when I read the book. They did a great casting job. But, yes, we must bear in mind that this is an actor playing a character, so please stop trying to find genetic similarities between Pattinson and Stewart… Can't wait to see the movie!

  • Amylynngarcia43

    I'm curious how they are going to portray her as a younger child, she is actually quite young throughout the book and only 11 toward the end..just wondering

  • taylh jane doubleday

    Omg I can't wait until breaking dawn part 2 comes out but I wish it would come out sooner.

  • lol x

    awwww she soo cute 

  • Jamiesaxton

    she doesnt look 11or 12. she looks so much younger. she is a pretty girl. looks like both Edward and Bella. Cant wait for the movie to come out. so i can bring my daughter who is 12 like Mackenize Foy.

  • CullenLover626

    McKenzie is adorable :) She looks the perfect mix of both Edward and Bella! I wait to see her acting skills! :)

  • x_lil_devil8_x

    She's a beautiful and adorable little girl and she's perfect for the part and i'm sooo excited to see the second part <3

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CUCR2YAUI57YEHMXVL6AXY3VNQ belle

    Who Is that Beautiful little girl is she there daughter?

  • http://www.facebook.com/AnnaHeiser09 Anna Heiser

    They used different little girls of different ages throughout the movie to show the growth of Renesmee, but if what I've read is correct they used CGI to make it Mackenzie Foy's face on each of the actresses so she wouldn't look like a different kid in each scene.  =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/AnnaHeiser09 Anna Heiser

    In the book she had Bella's eyes, a beating heart, and Charlie's Hair from Bella.  She appeared human for the most part except that she was exceptionally beautiful the way Stephenie Meyer portrays all the vampires to be.  She got her tough skin, immortality, and her “appetite” from her father.

  • Angelbaby

    She is so cute and we have 98 more day to see that movie

  • Jdiglio14

    She's perfect so beautiful! Whoever said otherwise
    Is just full if shit and just wants attention from everyone
    Cause they know they would get people to
    Get mad so I say end it everyone they obviously
    Are desperate for attention… Can't wait for the
    Movie :)

  • http://twitter.com/dmo1996 Danielle Owens

    In the book she has green eyes

  • Luevano12345

    She is beautiful, perfect Cullen child, she is all Bella and Edward amazing, perfect mix… I bet their real kids are going to be looking a lot like Nessie!

  • Krissy M

    I honestly think she looks alot like edward and bella.. her eye colour is perfect, her hair reminds me of bella and her face reminds me of edward 

  • Liliana barron llamas

    is so cute… if it looks like their parents… i want see this movie!!!!!!!!! 

  • Darkangel_sherilyn21

    your so cute..hope ur good like real renesmee in the book..good luck to your movie
    goodluck to the team twilight

  • Sydney-Greer Gane

    Perfect depiction of the girl in my head.. Great casting yet again 

  • Baby_star_baby2001

    so beautiful like her parents :D i love so much twilight …..and alice im like u if u understand ;)

  • Andrea S 76

    She is beautiful….cant wait to see the movie…

  • Julias67

    Wow all this over a picture! get real if the movie is half as good as the book that little girl has a great start in acting I would say! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1306032984 Jessica Knorr

    all the other posters have 11-16 as the start date…other then that I think she is pretty perfect for the role of Renesme. My favorite will always be Alice though. I think they cast her perfectly. Reading the book it is how I pictured her in my head.

  • Mary

    you are probably ugly and just jealous

  • Davemalinda

    Why does the poster say 11/23/12? The premier is 11/16/12. Has the movie been delayed?

  • Romana

    Je hrozně moc krásná  a těším se na poslední díl sní miluji edwarda Cullena a Jaspera….

  • poopsie

    she is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the part IF AND THEY BETTER give her the right color contacts because her eyes are NOT brown. Other than that, well done. 

  • poopsie

    and much much curlier hair, she is supposed to have “ringlets”

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    In the book, Bella's dream child had green eyes, like Edward when he was human. But Renesmee, has Bella's chocolate brown eyes.

  • http://twitter.com/Twilight2200 Mrs.Lautner

    it really looks like bella and edward 


    she z goin 2 b ROCKED… she has lovely EYES….BEAUTIFUL…!!!

  • TeamEdward Forever3

    To be honest, I wished I looked like her.

  • SAmantha Ames

    Wow! Bella's Eyes. Mixture of hair. Bella's eyes. Edwards expression. How did they choose her? Perfect. And very pretty.

  • insainhotie551

    I want to see it so so so bad!!

  • Twilight<3

    mackenzie is adorable.you havent even seen her ACT and now your judging little kids by their looks?that is past cruel to downright hateful.i hope mackenzie doesnt see your rude comments so she can continue to grow happily without people like YOU wasting your time hating on the first person you see. at least SHE is making a living while sit around on your butt,WISHING you were that lucky as mackenzie!

  • Olympia Coven

    for all of you people who are saying she doesnt look like edward and bella, well DUH!you cant expect EVERYTHIng TO BE EXACTLY PERFECT!fess up, ppl, stephenie obviously chose her because she fit along with renesmee than the rest of them. do you honestly want them to create a wax being just so it fits with the EXACT desription?you ppl shud just grow up;everything doesnt go your way.

  • BellaEdwardRenesmee4eternity

    heartzi?more like zeRO heart!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sanyika.voros Voros Sanyika

    omg i cant wate for the part to too sum out !!

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