Renesmee character art released featuring Mackenzie Foy

The adorable Mackenzie Foy finally gets her individually character art poster as Renesmee Cullen and here it is, thanks to NessieMackenzie.

  • Heartzi

    ewww she's ugly doesn't look like bella or edward at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sinead

    Whether she looks like Bella or Edward is besides the point, she is 11 years old, to call her ugly just shows you up as either a childish person, or a hate-filled one. The girl is adorable. Keep your nasty comments to yourself.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BJBUYUMDD4MUGCTCBZY2VJDHQE Jus


  • Crazychick

    yall r rude she is really pretty

  • Skips

    The hair makes her look like Bella, and the color is a mixture of Bella and Edward's. Her face looks like Bella, soft, but her expressions look like Edward. As a not so huge Twilight fan, I say they did an amazing job casting her!

  • that1girl

     wow your an ass :/ Get a life seriously :/

  • Labauveashley

    ewww your ugly you don't seem like a human being at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tatersparkle

    I think she's adorable!! And with the hair and big brown eyes, I think she's a great Renesme! 

  • Nichole

    Do you always go around calling little kids ugly? I don't think I'm comfortable with any children being around you. What examples are you setting for them?

  • http://twitter.com/gamegran janet nicholson

    she is beautiful cant wait for the film

  • human being


  • Appletomypie

    mmm c does look like a bella but just a bit:')

  • Aimevanimpe

    well thats a mean thing to say its because in real life she prob looks like her real mom or dad 

  • -.-

    how rude of you!

  • Get over yourself

    What in the hell is wrong with you?   She is a child and is beautiful.. Take you ignorant ass comments some where else! 

  • Jukers1975

    You must have ugly in your heart if you can sit there and call a child ugly..

  • Jenny_benham2009

    Think she does. You are a rude person. 

  • Chanel

    Wish I could of had the part, even says I look like Bella and Edward!

  • Cristinaolalde80

    she looks justs like bella

  • Stina

     how is she going to look like them this aint there REAL child …  wow grow up…

  • Number1_badattitude

    shes a little kid u fucking douche

  • Mdv3jay

    Hey keep in mind she is a real person heartzi!! Unless they wuda actually had a baby in real life no child acting to be theirs wud look like em. I think she is a beautiful girl and she will be an awesome actress as well! No need to be harsh.

  • Chanel

    Everyone*. Always Renesmee is cute:)

  • Sedgeson

    Seeing as shes not related to either I say they've done well casting her and shes a gorgeous girl lets hope if you ever breed someone isnt as nasty about your child!

  • Gizem

    She's very cuteee and look like bella right choose!!! <3

  • Damali

    just bcuz she doesn't look like them doesn't mean she's ugly……… she is beautiful as an individual n u should appreciate tht…….. if u are so disturbed by her looks dnt watch the movie when its released

  • Jakes_girl_18

    seriously guy ur an idiot, shes a child, and a beautiful one at that. for you to say that is pathetic and immature.. yes it might have been immature to call u a idiot..but i call it as it is.. u obviously need glasses, better make that app.

  • Chanel

    Also*, sorry haha!.

  • Emma09

    how can anyone say this girl is ugly, she is a beautiful little girl…wether she looks like bella or edward or not!

  • Susan Bonnefin42

    She's a proper cutie :) x


    wat de fuck its a movie for name sake there actors not family

  • Storm_cagle

    One of the most beautiful children I've ever seen. I totally see Edward and Bella when I look at her, they did a great job at casting.

  • Nymamaof2

    Heartzi your a jerk to say something so mean about this beautiful little girl she is so cute get a life!!!

  • Wispermoons

    That little girl is not ugly,where is your head

  • sashelle

    absolutely beautiful, what a great pick for bellas and edwards child!

  • Francescalemas

    that well harsh, she is verry pretty girl.

  • Rosemary

    she is very pretty and its just a movie she is not there biological child ,,, i think that she is perfect for the part and i can not wait to see the movie

  • Deadreble_69

    make up will do wonders to make this already beauitful girl look like edward and bella dont be hateing on her 

  • Maríamarvelous

    yo how you gonna call a little girl ugly?! you go look in the mirror. how tough do you feel calling an adorable little girl ugly.

  • Tara

    YOU SUCK HEARTZI! She is very beautiful!

  • Kya

    I think she'll make a brilliant renesme. shes a beautiful child, anyone who says otherwise needs an eye test >:I

  • rbcayvne123$

    You people don't know what beautiful is get a life

  • my wife makes me watch!!!

    she looks too sweet to play in such a horrible series…will i be standing in line for the next one to come out?…..YEP!!!    (“/)/     (btw your a horrible person to call a child ugly)

  • Crazee4djr8

    MacKenzie is a BEAUTIFUL little girl and i think casting her was a perfect choice. Anyone that calls an 11 year old..who has probably accomplished more in her short life than you EVER have..is ignorant. Idiot.

  • Vonnagirl

    Just saying she kinda looks like Bella if you looka t it a certain way. But Renesmee is adorable!

  • cerys

    rude what the guy sed, but just a question, is it the 23rd of november or the 16th?

  • domokitty!!

    i wish i had her hair

  • Tiana_cap_25

    she so beautiful i wish i had a child that looked like that lol :)

  • Sarahcloke89

    why be so cruel shes a little girl who is beautiful jesus sick people!!!

  • Emma

    As a great fan of The Twilight Saga, she's exactly what i imagined… Mackensie way to start a carreer bbu girl!!!

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