Stephenie Meyer among World’s Top-Earning Authors

Forbes has released this year’s list of the world’s top-earning authors, and Stephenie Meyer makes the cut at number 13!

Stephenie Meyer: $14 million

With “Twilight” behind her, Meyer’s no longer riding quite so high, but the phenomenon she started lives on in “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which originated as fan fiction modeled on her vampire romance.

See who else made the cut at Forbes.


  • Gyleches

    I don't intend to read that trilogy but from what the whole plotline is how on earth can an S&M novel be inspired by Twilight? Besides Stephenie's was tasteful.

  • doxieresqr

    Stephenie's trilogy was for teenagers. Ms James' is for their mothers! Huge difference! LOL how would you know its 'tasteless' if you haven't read it? I enjoyed both trilogies for different reasons. Its like compairing appled to oranges.

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