MTV: Mackenzie Foy Talks Twilight and Her ‘Secret Power’!

Here is a great interview with Mackenzie Foy! She is so adorable and MTV captured that well!

MTV News: What do you think of this crazy promotion process so far? We saw you briefly during the excitement at Comic-Con…

Mackenzie Foy: It’s fun. It’s my first movie so I haven’t really got to do all the promotional stuff before, so it’s all really fun for me.

MTV: Have you seen the finished film yet? Do you know if you’ll be allowed to see the whole movie?

Foy: I haven’t but I’m really looking forward to seeing it. I honestly don’t know [what I'll be allowed to see].

MTV: What about promotional material like posters, t-shirts, lunch boxes or action figures? Have they given you an early look at any Renesmeee-themed products?

Foy: I haven’t seen any yet. I don’t know [if they're making them] but it would be pretty cool. It would be pretty cool to have my own doll from the film, then it would be like, “Look, I’m playing with me!” It would be cool to have lunch box too.

MTV: Aside from how the movie ends for Renesmee and what you might know about how the book ends, if you could think up a happy ending for Renesmee what would it be?

Foy: I haven’t really thought about that but it would be cool to see her happy and having a normal life.

MTV: As normal as possible for a girl surrounded by vampires and werewolves.

Foy: [Laughs] Yeah.

MTV: Renesmee is anything but normal. Can you talk about her special power and how director Bill Condon coached you or set up those scenes when you’re demonstrating your power?

Foy: Yeah. Renesmee’s power, she can touch you and send thoughts into your mind. You had to make a lot of eye contact when you touch their faces.

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  • amymellors

    she look like her mother when i see her eyes

  • Team Huvamolfe

    OMG what happened to his blond hair??will he have to wear a wig?XD

  • Jenney

    whos blond hair

  • SheLovesYou


  • SheLovesYou

    Edward's, Duh!!

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