Better quality untagged version of new BREAKING DAWN PART 2 stills

You can now view a better quality and untagged version of the Breaking Dawn, Part 2 stills that were released in Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Movie Preview issue! Check them out below.

  • Aastha

    Dying to watch the movie

  • Sarah.xoPrincess18@live.ca

    Omg i can't wait to watch this movie i want to know what else is going to happen!!! Ekkkkkkkk!! :) <3

  • Maria

    <3 Oh!! I soooooo want to see the movie now!! =) <3

  • knight

    i love this movie as much as the next but if really wanna know what will happen next read the books .. the movie just makes it that much better

  • http://None None

    Cant wait omega bella looks so beautiful

  • Liz

    3 months!!!!!

  • twlight freak!

    Can't wait till Nov bring it on! already

  • kim

    i read somewhere that kristen steward is kicked out of breaking dawn part 2 … the site is very loyal so can anyone tell me if its true??? I LOVE TWILIGHT!

  • sheryl

    No, it was the sequel to snow white

  • Candi

    lol i agree! Thats to much reading for some people though!!!

  • Candi

    lol i agree! Thats to much reading for some people though!!!

  • SammaNicola

    I LOVE IT!

  • Jessica Walton Hise

    Can any1 tell me latest news on Robert & Kristen's
    Relationship? R they together? Or are they gonna
    Try n make things work?

  • Helga H.

    No they are finished for good.

  • Matet

    I'm so excited for the last movie but I'm also sad because it's the ending. Well, as they say, Every beginning has its ending.

  • crystal blair

    cant wait till part two i love it

  • Itaze

    I really hope they get back together… And really get married…
    And move past all the other crap.'' you know can always forgive…
    But you will never for get… Where's the Love…

  • http://www.facebook.com/cheryl.lamb.90 Cheryl Lamb

    can not wait to watch this one looks amazing

  • norkat85

    renesme looks like she is seven or eight, but she is suppose to look 3 or 4

  • missy

    cant wait to see to movie nov is not comming fast enough

  • chahat

    i love this <3

  • http://twitter.com/sueswang Suzie Toanone

    I cannot wait to see Part 2 (: Plus I want to know what is in store with Jacob and Renesmee and their future ! And the other vampires ! <33

  • http://www.facebook.com/jael.jimenezgarcia Jael Jimenez Garcia

    megusta todas sus peliculas de crepusculos y tengo sus libros y las peliculas y

  • chrilian

    This is just the eve of twilight, still lots more to finish. Jacob & Renesmee, the clash btwn the Cullens and the ruling Vampire clan, … hope Stephanie doesn't leave us hanging. Nothing can exceed the Twilight Saga. Nothing along this line anyways.

  • Nico60

    All the pictures are great!! But why is there a picture of stephanie there? i dont get it
    Does somebody knows?

  • nono

    i liked ………… i can't waiiiiiiit

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