Cover revealed for Entertainment Weekly’s retrospective ‘Twilight: The Complete Journey’

Will you be buying the publication being put out by Entertainment Weekly in October entitled Twilight: The Complete Journey? The cover has finally been revealed below! You can pre-order it from the links here.

Thanks to Twilight Examiner for the heads up!

  • teamedward

    i love this picture rob in this picture looks like he's so in love with kristen. I can not believe she cheated on him. He really did love her its a shame.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1427570294 Linda Schaefer McCrane

    yes I will :)

  • chrisshep

    Cannot wait to recieve it, it's a lovely picture of them xxx

  • TinselDR

    Remember what they used to be? Trololol

  • daybreak64

    Feel so duped by Kristen, did she just keep up the relationship till after filming part two so it would feel real???? I really do feel she has let the whole Twilight scene down BIG style….

  • suzzy

    you can tell this was taken before they split up. I think they will reunite just before part 2 is released

  • George of the Jungle

    I wonder when they shot this…

  • scrapper

    You may need to realize she was in a position that she couldn't get out of. I remember an older man kissing me once and I felt so guilty. It wasn't my fault but I had no way to get out of the situation. At first I hated Kristen for doing this to Twilight, Rob and fans then as time has gone by I can sympathize for her. Every report has been all about her and not to much “him”. He should never allowed this to happen! He is an older man and was taking advantage of her! Kristen please forgive me for hating you until I finally woke up.

  • Rachel

    I so agree.

  • Twilightlover

    I am wondering if she still loves him. I mean he has had women in his room and nobody will ever know if he cheated. If they still love each other then hopefully each will forgive and start over again. Shame this happened though before Part 2 was to be realeased. But the thing everybody must remember that this is a Movie and they are not really married. I hope they get back together anyway.

  • http://www.facebook.com/moochie.mclaughlin Moochie Mclaughlin

    i agree to, i think they need to talk it out and he needs to a ask her why she did what she did.

  • koffingirl13

    If rob has any self-pride he won't take her back. Everyone thinks the Kristen is sorry for what she did and that she loves him, well love should have kept her butt home with rob, no excuse for cheating!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelly.cutronemanley Kelly Cutrone Manley

    If you already have a subscription to EW, will you receive this?

  • TinselDR

    Um, where have you been? It was taken, like, last November, for BD-1 promos.

  • bitchplease,its just the truth

    to daybreak64 you're dumb they finished filming in 2011..so yea I bet you feel dumb now

  • TeamJacob

    I totally agree with you atleast you get unlike other fans

  • Teamedward

    Robert and Kristen do make a lovely couple. But it is up to them if they want to try again. Some times it not easy when some thing like that happens. I guess it come down to how much do they really love each other. I hope ye do try again but like i said that it is up to them. What ever ye decide i wish you both a very happy future. Thanks to all of you for Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn 1and 2. You two are my favourite people in the movies.

  • TeamRobstenForever

    I am probably one of few true twihards who have stuck by both Rob and Kristen. I love them together and think they make a perfect couple. If you still support Robsten please watch these videos. Robsten two is better than one. Robsten on marriage and parenthood. I love them in this pic so much they look amazing. And i blame the SWATH director for what happened. TEAM ROBSTEN FOREVER CUZ TRUE FANS NEVER LEFT

  • http://www.facebook.com/traci.forsythe Traci Forsythe

    Think it totally for publicity, dont believe she did the crap on Rob, She could have been hugging the bloke for a great days work, you never saw her snogging him.

  • gyleches

    There are pictures of the two of them in her car kissing. Also, you don't hug someone from behind for a great day's work.

  • ChocoBalls

    They really look good together (rob & kristen) but what she did was wrong & fucked up everything, well as saying goes “time heal all wounds”.

  • becky

    are you of your head she knows what she was doing and what she did to rob. she has let us all down and if she didnt want to kiss she should of said no !!!!!!!!

  • TinselDR

    Just because it's Kristen doesn't make it okay. This older man that she was with was:
    1) Her director (erhm, that's basically her boss)
    2) Nearly twice her age
    3) A husband, and also a father of two kids.
    You don't know what was running through her head, and for one thing, she looked fully into it. If it was forced, why would it be in broad daylight?
    Kristen's not immune to this. Cheating's not cute on anyone.

  • http://twitter.com/Seancequeen Seance Queen

    Ever realize that the whole thing was done for publicity? The whole couple thing and break up… PUBLICITY for the movies?

  • http://www.facebook.com/pam.waddell Pam Waddell

    i agree with u 100% Teamedward

  • http://www.facebook.com/briana.crudup.9 Briana Crudup

    why does Kirsten look like she has lazy eye in almost all of here pictures includeing this one

  • http://www.facebook.com/tammy.gartenmayerhoushel Tammy Gartenmayer Houshel

    All the pictures I have been seeing of Kristen and the director….It all kind of looks staged. I mean, in broad daylight, in public, just happen to be a camera crew at the perfect angle, and all attention on Kristen and not the director? I would love to see Kristen and Rob get back together.

  • Tammy

    All the pictures I have been seeing of Kristen and the director….It all kind of looks staged. I mean, in broad daylight, in public, just happen to be a camera crew at the perfect angle, and all attention on Kristen and not the director? I would love to see Kristen and Rob get back together. Even in this picture you can feel the love between them.

  • Fed Up!

    I think that whatever has happened
    between the people involved is between them and nothing at all to do with
    anyone else. They are in the public eye for their talent I just wish that
    everyone would leave them alone it is called a personal life for a reason!!

  • IKB44444

    True, but she didn't force him to kiss her either, and at least she only cheated on a boyfriend, he cheated on a stable marriage with children! Neither right but he should be slated by the media too.

  • Son

    It was a kiss a moment of madness I'm sure she regrets, I am not condoning it but she did not kill anyone and does not deserve this backlash. No one knows for sure what her relationship with rob was like and the pressure they are both under to be the perfect couple while breaking dawn is being promoted, she is young which is tough but more so being in the spotlight all the time.

  • angerocks24

    I agree with Scrapper, Know one really knows the truth about what happend. we can set all day wondering why? and be sad for the couple. but we are not in there shoes we only know the drama of what took place. I feel sad also for the couple and for the fans. but! we should take some steps back and see what happens as the dates get closer to the set date of Twlight brekaing dawn pt2. Thanks! for reading
    - angerocks24

  • angerocks24

    you have a very good point there. and that would be very messed up to the fans. who really knows? good question :)

  • gyleches

    He didn't force her to meet him in secret did he? She knew it was wrong and that's why she drove to a secluded spot. Her life was “boring” so she tried for a little excitement on the side. Too bad she didn't realize what she had until after the fact.

  • katw

    Ah wow that doesn't even look like rob way hot :0)

  • http://twitter.com/ImYours1901 Majeya

    if they win mtv best movie kiss it's going to be AWKWARD! i'm still gonna vote for them thou :D

  • Holly

    Stop already, lets just talk about Breaking Dawn part two, and nothing else please.

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