Judi Shekoni talks Breaking Dawn scenes, Bill Condon, working with Stephenie, and more!

Fanhattan has a great new interview with Judi Shekoni, who will be appearing as Amazonian vampire Zafrina in Breaking Dawn Part 2. She talks about getting to work with Stephenie, Bill Condon, and more! See a bit below and head to Fanhattan for the full interview.

Fanhattan: As a fan, what scenes were you excited to get to act out as Zafrina?

Judi Shekoni: I really enjoyed doing scenes with Robert and Kristen, with Bella and Edward because one of the things with Bella’s character is when you read the books, the books are in Bella’s perspective. So as you read all of the Twilight books, you’re almost living Bella’s life and you see yourself as being Bella. So I don’t know. I have a special affinity towards the Bella character because I feel like her experiences in particular, I’ve lived through.

Fanhattan: Were there any scenes you were disappointed you didn’t get to do, because they didn’t make it into the movie?

Judi Shekoni: I would have really liked to have been in the wedding scene that was in Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Me and Tracey, the other Amazon vampire, we were actually up in Canada while they were shooting it and we just had days off. We were like to the producers, “Is there no way that we could just be extras and we could just be background in the wedding?” It’s like well, you’re both six feet tall. I don’t think you’re just going to blend into the back of the Cullen wedding. And it kind of ruins the plot if the Amazon vampire pops up to the wedding a couple of years earlier. So they wouldn’t let us do that but I would have really liked to have been there for the wedding.

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