Kellan Lutz’s Supports North Dakota’s Measure 5 That Would Toughen Animal Cruelty Laws

Love that Kellan is supporting this measure!

DICKINSON, N.D. — Kellan Lutz, a Dickinson native and star of the “Twilight” movie series, has announced his support of North Dakota’s Measure 5 that would toughen animal cruelty laws.

Lutz “was saddened and shocked to learn that my home state is one of only two states in the country that fails to take proper action in the cases of extreme acts of cruelty against animals,” according to a news release.

“Supporting this initiative is the best way to ensure that laws truly represent our values,” Lutz said in the release.

The measure will go to North Dakota voters Nov. 6.

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  • La77

    This needs to be a world wide issue and needs tougher laws every where

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