Zap2It’s Interview with JD Pardo!

Here is a great interview with JD Pardo who will not only appear in Breaking Dawn Part 2 as Nahuel but also stars in the new drama Revolution with Billy Burke!

What’s the most embarrassing song is on your iPod?
Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me.” Wow, I should probably delete that.

Zombie apocalypse or alien invasion?
Zombie apocalypse. If they died once, they can die again.

What was the last white lie you told?
I told a girl that wanted to see me that I was working and I wasn’t. Technically, I was on hold. So…is that really a lie??

Do you have any strange phobias?
I’m terrified of missing my call time. I’ll check my alarm several times before I fall asleep.

Who is your most recent text message from?
My publicist. She is reminding me to send in the answers to these questions.

One thing the general public doesn’t know about me.
I love soccer. My father is from Argentina and my mother is from El Salvador. I grew up watching Argentinean soccer. I get really worked up watching soccer. It’s in my blood.

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