6th annual Stephanie Meyer day in Forks, WA a success

It was Stephanie Meyer day recently in the town of Forks and there were lots of festivities on hand with the event was a big success.

According to Peninsula Daily News :

FORKS — “Twilight” saga fans of all ages descended on Forks last weekend under an azure sky in what those watching tourism in the small city called an exceptionally successful Stephenie Meyer Day.

The annual celebration of all things Twilight, set on the birthday of Bella Swan, the female lead in the Twilight books and movies — but named after author Meyer — drew at least 737 people last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, said Marcia Bingham, Forks Chamber of Commerce director.

That number represents only those who signed in at the Forks Visitor Center.

Bingham could not provide exact comparisons to attendance figures for past years but estimated the turnout was one of the biggest in the celebration’s six-year history.

“I would call it a very successful weekend,” Bingham said. “There were people everywhere.”

A wide range of ages was represented across the three-day event, Bingham said.

There were as many middle-aged women as teenage girls, Bingham said.

This year’s event also saw more male fans then in years past, something Bingham said she was more than a little surprised to see.

“That just tickled me to see more [men] coming in,” she said.

The festivities featured “Twilight”-themed vendors, displays of props and costumes from the movies and, the centerpiece of the weekend, a Saturday evening wedding and reception for Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, the two main characters of the saga.

Charlene Cross, owner of Leppell’s Flowers & Gifts/Twilight Central and organizer of the mock wedding, said roughly 250 people attended the ceremony and reception, with about half being first-timers to Stephenie Meyer Day.

The wedding and reception were supposed to run from 9 p.m. to midnight, but Cross said some fans stuck around to mingle even past the allotted time.

Cross said she tried to speak with as many people as possible and reported that most were elated with the presentation of the ceremony.

The desire to live out events found in the Twilight books and movies is one of the things that most amazes Bingham.

“Twi-hards,” as they’re sometimes called, show intense loyalty to the story line and characters, something Bingham said she’s glad numerous Forks vendors have become a part of.

“Our merchants have done a fabulous job of perpetuating that,” Bingham said.

Stephenie Meyer herself visited Forks in 2006 — the year before the first Stephenie Meyer Day — but has not been back since.

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  • lauralynn1121

    I, myself, would love to visit Forks some day. I'm from the GNW and I miss it terribly. I think it would be fun to see all of the actual places that Steph had picked out as the character's houses, hang-outs, and places of business. It would also be nice to get some of the cast or Steph to appear at these functions. Who knows, maybe in future years.

  • Kim78

    I took my 16 year old daughter in June 2010 & that trip was the BEST trip that I had EVER taken!!! The scenery is just MAGNIFICENT!!! I ABSOLUTELY fell in LOVE with Washington!!! The actual places that S.M. picked out for these books are phenomenal!!! We went to Forks, LaPush, the Quilleute Reservation, First & Second Beach, Port Angeles, Forks High School, The Hoh Rainforest, and Seattle. They DO have a Twilight tour that goes through Forks, taking you to the high school, past the Cullen & Swan houses that inspired Stephenie, they take you past the Forks Outfitters store where Bella worked, the Police Station that Charlie works at, the Forks Community Hospital where Carlisle works (the hospital even has a reserved parking spot for Dr. Cullen outside), and they even have Bella's red truck sitting outside of the Forks Commerce/Visitors Center!!! I am from Ft. Lauderdale & there is NOTHING like that over here; nothing but the extreme heat & beaches. EVERYTHING in Washington was SO GREEN & COLORFUL; it was just something that I had never in my life seen before. I LOVED it there & I am DYING to go back!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.bair.71 Robert Bair

    its not the “exact” truck bella drove, thats a 52 chevy, bella drove a 51 chevy, ill be there in 3 weeks times from the date this comment was posted through the end of the month =D

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.bair.71 Robert Bair

    neither can i, going there in a few weeks and i s**t you not… ive lost soo much sleep in anticipation waiting for the time to slowly pass by

  • Kim78

    I NEVER said it was the EXACT truck, just as I never said that it was the exact houses that they used in the movies as well. If you re-read my post above you would see that I said the things & places that Stephenie chose to INSPIRE her for the stories were phenomenal!

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