Scans from People magazine Breaking Dawn 2 Collectors Special (includes new stills & bts photos)

Check out these scans from People magazine’s Breaking Dawn 2 collectors special which gives us a glimpse at some new stills and behind the scenes photos from the set.


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  • Go Team Jacob:O

    Luv Jacob I cant wait to see part 2 just watched part 1 a month ago Bella lookdd hecka gross when she waz pregnant

  • Luvs Twilight Saga

    The excitement is getting bigger and bigger I can not wait!!!!!

  • Veronica

    I think they should get back together she was so happy then

  • Jessi

    I hear that they are back together but who knows with the tabloids these days

  • http://www.facebook.com/cindyhgo Cindy Hoyle

    i can't wait

  • olivia

    cant wait till part 2 omg !!!!!!!!

  • cnm9235

    Where can you get this magazine at? I've been looking every where for it!

  • Cat

    When did this magazine come out? i subscribe to PEOPLE and haven't gotten any notices or such about this.

  • cnm9235

    Found an OK! magazine that has everything in it! The People Magazine and OK! Magazine have a similarity on the front cover. Rob and Kristen are back together and are already planning a wedding!

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