Nikki Reed to Kickoff AXE “Showerpooling” Water Conservation Tour at USC

Nikki Reed has teamed up with AXE to promote their new water conservation program called AXE Showerpooling which will be visiting 10 college campuses across the country and throwing events to get guys and girls excited about conserving water. Here is a video and some details!


AXE and Twilight star Nikki Reed are taking over the USC McCarthy quad for a good cause: water conservation. At the AXE Showerpooling event on Tuesday, October 2 at noon, Nikki will share water-saving tips and invite students to grab a free taco lunch from the green food truck, score water-efficient showerheads, and pose with friends in a shower-themed photo booth. The new AXE Showerpooling campaign encourages students to take shorter showers to conserve water- showering together is one way to save!

Head to  Facebook.com/AXE to take the Showerpooling pledge on facebook!

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