Boo Boo Stewart joins cast of ‘Intrepid’ (New photos & Interview)

Life after Twilight has already begun for our Boo Boo Stewart who has joined the cast of the upcoming film Intrepid.

According to a synopsis from Intrepid’s website :

INTREPID is an unstoppable contemporary sci-fi action film featuring Booboo Stewart (Twilight) as the lead. INTREPID draws the audience with a compelling story, fantastic talent, incredible action choreography, and a visual language that will set the standard for 21st century film!

Sounds pretty cool right? Well check out these pictures of Boo Boo on the set of Intrepid as well as a new interview Boo Boo did  from the folks at Team BooBoo Seth :

BOP&TB: Can you tell us a little bit about your new movie Intrepid? We saw the pictures, it looks really exciting!
Booboo Stewart: Thank you. Intrepid revolves around a boy named Phoenix who’s determined to turn around his own fate. And the way that he does that is when he’s in a near-death situation, all the outcomes of each action he will take branch out in front of him so he can choose. That’s pretty much what the story’s about, and just the kind of commotion he gets into using those powers to save the people he loves.

BOP&TB: Cool! How did you get involved with that project?
Booboo Stewart: I got involved because I started training in tae kwon do and one of my instructor’s students is the director of Intrepid. We just kind of met up like that, so I get to use my martial arts training in the little tai chi we’re doing.

BOP&TB: Did you get to do, like, your own stunts in the movie?
Booboo Stewart: I did, I did. Most of the time I can’t even do my own stunts but so far, all the fighting I got to do. It was really fun, I was so sore the next day. We really gave it, like, one hundred percent.

Read the entire interview HERE

Be sure and check out NTREPID’s website and facebook page.



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