New stills from US Weekly’s Breaking Dawn 2 Collectors edition

Hey guys, with the release of Breaking Dawn 2 rapidly approaching, we now have these awesome new stills taken from  scans of US Weeklys Breaking Dawn 2 collectors edition.

You can pick up your copy of this Us Weekly Collector’s Edition ofBreaking Dawn Part 2 now at Amazon Or on newsstands

Source: @Leanne4Cali via BreakingDawnMovieOrg and ThinkingofRob


  • Amy

    Forgive me fellow fans it has been a while since I read the book. I know Jacob transforms in front of Charlie but in the book does Charlie meet Renesme? There is a picture here of him and Renesme.

  • gabriella

    yes he does amy he finds out becuase he goes to visit bella and edward wanted to let charlie think that she was his cousins child but he notices that she is bella and edward's child because of her brown eyes becuase bella had them

  • Sinead

    I just can't look at Kristen and be convinced she is supposedly a mother to Mackenzie. It's more like a big sister than a mother, the ages seem so close.
    Loving the cottage!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Cofyjunky Jenn Lawson

    I love the pic with Charlie and Renesmee! Grandpa doesn't really know he's a grandpa. He thinks he's a 'sort-of-grandpa' of Edward's 'niece'. But it's still a great pic. :)

  • rakel

    I love it.

  • hollyjb

    Is it just me or does Edward get Hotter each movie? He really has that grown man-Daddy thing workin for him now, but I have to agree, Kristen and a toddler wouldve been better, I hope she comes over more as a mom then a big sister in the movie.

  • bb

    i HATE that nessie looks like she is 8-10. she is only suppose to look like she is 3-4 by the END of the book not by the time bella is able to see her

  • http://www.facebook.com/hbellotti Heather Bellotti

    She still looks like a baby when Bella wakes up, they placed Mackenzie's face on a baby's face to keep her looking the same. By the time they find out they are in trouble that is when she is the size in the picture.

  • Sinead

    I think they are giving it a year or two, not a few months as in the book, from nessie's birth to the Volturi coming.
    It explains the size of Nessie and Bella's eyes being golden in some of the later scenes screencaps we've seen.

  • Kim78

    I TOTALLY get where you're coming from!!! I, TOO, WANTED it to be MORE like the book but sometimes, for visual purposes, it's easier to manipulate the story…. :/

  • Kim78

    I must say, my FAVORITES are the 1st pic above with Bella & Renesmee and the last one with Charlie & Renesmee. I will admit the one with Charlie &
    Renesmee did make me tear up!!! I'm SO HAPPY that Charlie is in the 2nd movie
    & they didn't change that part of the story around or omit it all together. The idea that Charlie missed Bella growing up at this age & now he gets to re-live that with Renesmee is SO SWEET!!!! It's a really touching photo. I also REALLY LIKE the 3rd one down, with Bella's face in Edward's hand, stating that Twilight is the ULTIMATE love story. That statement right there pretty much sums it ALL up for me, as to what the story means to me – IT IS THE ULTIMATE LOVE STORY. Nothing more, nothing less. I CAN'T WAIT for November! WOO HOO!!!

  • Alldway2u

    he does meet her in the book too

  • Megz

    do these pics come in a speical mag in Australia ????????

  • Bellanessiecullen

    Yes Charlie meet Renesmee when he come to see Bella after jake transforms and then he sees her again for Chrismas witch I am guessing that's what the pic is showing :)

  • Bellanessiecullen

    Well they needed a older actress to help play the part better but it does make me mad that when Bella first meet Renesmee she is still a baby I wish they would have followed the book better but we can't have everything and Mackenzie foy is actually 11 and looks younger which is good I think execpt I have to sy that Renesmee is going to be amazing I have watched some tv shows that Mackenzie foy acts in and I think she will be an amazing Renesmee Cullen :) only 44 days tell breaking dawn part 2 on November 16th !!!!! (10-2-12 is today)

  • Bellanessiecullen

    I think that they just have Renesmee growing faster than in the book becuse they do have to fit it in a movie. Breaking dawn part 2 is only 44 das tell November 16th !!!!!!!!! :)

  • Bellanessiecullen

    I agree :)

  • Bellanessiecullen

    I thought the story was it was Edwards brother that Esme and Carole's didn't adopt…… I could be wrong thought

  • Bellanessiecullen

    I don't think Bella looks like renesmees sister in the picture but maybe it's just becuse I like had this exact image in my head when I was reading the books for the first time I kept thinking to my self when Renesmee gets older they wii look like sisters but I would see them as mom and daughter ?

  • Bellanessiecullen

    I dont see renesmee and Bella looking like sisters becuse I knew that Bella would forever look like an 19 year old and Renesmee would grow and they would look like sisters I the end. I hope Stephanie meyers writes a new book becuse I can Barely stand the thought of never reading about the Cullen's again ! It doesn't even have to become a movie even though I personally think the whole dram thing between Kristen and rob is a bug publisitly stunt becuse if you look back at what rob said sat comic con he said ” you could write another book where Edward and Bella get devorced” o well it is just a suspicion. It's only 44 days tell November 16th when breaking dawn part 2 comes out!!!!!!

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